Episode 65 Review

To be perfectly honest, of the two months I went without posting an episode, I spent a month and a half writing this episode. I had originally planned on having it posted within a week of starting, but things kept on coming up. Before I knew it, a month and a half had passed. Sorry about that…

Anyways, after defeating the the Versal City Gym in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, the player gains access to the HM Fly and is supposed to use it to get back to Tenno Minor fast so the can use the now open path in Crater Gate to get to Crater Town and the next gym. For obvious reasons this isn’t how Ash and friends are going to be getting back there, and they needed a reason too. I had been toying around with the idea of having Professor Pine host a space camp, and figured that it would be the perfect excuse to get Ash and the others back to Tenno Minor. As for the hot air balloon ride, I used that because it was a form of travel yet to be truly used by Ash. In hindsight, it really seems odd that Ash has yet to use a hot air balloon for travel, just because of how it would annoy Team Rocket.

As for the Pokémon introduced in this episode, Calumba (who’s name comes from calm + columba, the scientific name for a dove), it’s worth pointing out that it is meant to act as a counterpart to the Pokémon Ravenoir, One’s a Dark/Flying, the other Light/Flying, one evolves with a Dusk Stone, the other with a Shiny Stone (I really wanted it to be a Dawn Stone for the obvious parallelism, but apparently the Dawn Stone’s name is completely different in the Japanese version, and has nothing to do with light), one is a bad omen, the brings peace and serenity, and their movesets are extremely similar (which will be seen once I post Calumba’s in-depth page).

Episode 33 Review

To finish the story from Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, once you meet up with Professor Pine and Braydon, and find that Team Planetary is at the Starstreak Mountains as well, the three of you enter the caves and split up. You are then left alone to find your way through the caves, battling Team Planetary Grunts as you go. As you beat them, you learn a little more about Team Planetary’s goals. Right before you get to the deepest part of the cave, you’ll find and battle with Cosmo, this being the third time you fight him. After yo beat him, you can then move on to the next chamber, where you find Orion and Ryusei. Orion has already captured the Legendary Pokémon, and challenges you to a battle. Even though you beat him, he refuses to give up the Pokémon and escapes. At this point Pine and Brayden find you, but it’s too late. Pine and Brayden discuss what Team Planetary might be planning, and then Pine gives the two of you a coupon for a free bike at the Atmos City Bike Store, allowing you to pass the Cycling Road.

As for the episode, in case it wasn’t obvious, one of the big points of this episode and the previous was to give Cosmo some personality and character. Up until now, Cosmo has only been an opponent for Ash, and a follower of Team Planetary for no apparent reason. Now we learn there’s a little more to him. He actually seems to care for his Pokémon, and he honestly does think he’s doing the right thing by working for Team Planetary.

Episode 33: Myth-ion: Impossible Part 2

Part two is out now, make sure to read it here.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda, now joined up with Professor Oak, Professor Pine, and Tracey Sketchit, continue their battle with Cosmo, Orion, and Team Planetary. But the Legendary Cosmic Guardian has appeared, complicating matters. Now Ash and friends must fight to protect it, no matter what.

Also, the Pokédex has been updated accordingly, and an image of Commander Orion has been added to the Team Planetary page.

Episode 32 Review

This and the following episode’s basis, like with most Team Planetary episodes, come straight from a part in Luna, Terra, and Sol. In the original version, you find that your way is blocked by the Bicycle Road on Route 7, and you have yet to get a bike, leaving the only way you can head as being up Route 16, towards the Starstreak Mountains. One up their, you’ll find Professor Pine and your rival Braydon (no Oak or Tracey though). Pine will ask you and Brayden for some help with his research.  However, once the three of you enter the mountain’s caves, you’ll find Cosmo and Team Planetary hunting for the Cosmic Guardian and the Grand Meteoric Shard. I’ll tell the rest of the story in the next episode’s review, as not to spoil the next episode.

On a different train of thought, probably the biggest thing to come from this episode besides Team Planetary is Tracey. I know I’ve been bringing back a lot of older characters lately, but Tracey is different. The others were only recurring characters, Tracey was a main character. Tracey’s reappearance is an attempt by me to fix what is in my opinion one of the worst mistakes made by the show: a lack of continuity. It bugs me to no end that characters such as Tracey who played in important role in Pokémon’s history just get discarded and forgotten. If Pokémon really wanted to be a better series, it would embrace its past as well as move towards the future.

Episode 32: Myth-ion: Impossible Part 1

Make sure to read the first episode of the first two-part episode of Cosmic Quest here.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda have finally made it to the Starstreak Mountains. Once there, they meet up with Professor Oak, Professor Pine, and an old friend. However, they quickly discover that their trip to the mountain might turn into a whole lot more when they find Cosmo and Team Planetary.

Also, the Pokédex and Team Planetary pages have been updated accordingly, and Cosmo has been added to the Character Guide as well.

And, if you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to check out the new detailed Pokédex pages, found in the Tenno Pokédex section.

Episode 22: Championship Shape

Make sure to check out Episode 22 here.

When Ash, Brock, and Brenda decide to attend a lecture by Professor Pine, they end up getting more than they expected when they also meet up with Ryu, and Galileo, the Tenno League Champion.

Also, the Pokédex, Attackdex, and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly and a Ryu section has been added to the Character Guide.

Episode 13 Review

This episode reflects an actual “in-game” event in my original story for Luna and Terra Versions. This is the third encounter with Team Planetary, after the initial encounter at Pine’s Lab and a minor encounter at the Crater Gate. It is here in the games that it is first learned that Team Planetary is after the Meteoric Shards. Of course, Ash, Brock, and Ryu were all added on to the actual course of events. As for the end of Ash and Ryu’s battle, I was originally going to have Ash lose, but decided that I couldn’t do that so soon, so I decided on a tie. It actually works better, as it shows that neither trainer is right or wrong in their arguments.

Episode 10 Review

In case you haven’t noticed, Ash always gets at least one Starter Pokémon from each region he visits, so here’s his one from Tenno, Turcell. The reason I’ve had Turcell following Ash from episode two was because of my personal opinions on Starter Pokémon. I’ve never liked how the games express the fact that Starter Pokémon cannot be found in the wild, and yet Ash is always finding his in the wild. In order to fix that, I decided to have his be one of the actual Starter Pokémon given by Professor Pine.

Episode 10: The Tortoise and the Flare

The tenth episode is out now. Read it here.

Ash’s battle with another trainer is interrupted when a curious Turcell, the very same one he saved when he first came to Tenno, wonders on to the field. Ash tries to get the Turcell back for Professor Pine, but must compete with the other trainer who wants to catch it, and even Team Rocket.

Also, the Character Guide and Attackdex have been updated accordingly.