Episode 67 Review

I sure do hope that you guys all remembered Michelle. I admit that it’s a possibility that it’s been too long since she last appeared. Oh well, no big deal. A major purpose in this episode was not only to bring Michelle back, but to give a solid start to her story arc. What that story is, I won’t tell yet. Speaking of coordinators, this episode also introduced a new one in the form of Damien. I pretty much created him purely to be the person that Michelle would least want to be stuck on a team with. She’s a young girl who’s big on gossip and cute boys, while Damien is far from talkative or cute. Even his choice of Pokémon reflected his more creepy personality and looks.

The other major part of this episode was James competing to earn a gym badge for the first time. Now it becomes apparent that his battle with Halley was more than a one-off occurrence. My goal is to use this new aspect of James as way to diversify his appearances, the same way Jessie is used in Pokémon Contests. Now we’ll be able to see James in situations beyond just failing to steal other people’s Pokémon. Unfortunately I was not able to give much focus to James’ battle at all. In fact, much of this episode probably seemed pretty rushed. To be completely honest, my original plan was for this contest to last two episodes, but due to certain reasons that I won’t yet disclose, I needed to shorten it into one episode. And as the next episode will no longer take place in Horizoport City, it was now or never for James to face the Horizoport Gym.


Episode 51 Review

So in all honesty I’ve been struggling with Brenda. I have had trouble giving much character beyond her basic personality. My original concept for her was a complete novice who knows almost nothing about Pokémon, and yet is nearly a master at being a Pokémon Coordinator without even trying. But even that hasn’t given her much in the way of character, so ever since her loss at Starside I’ve been trying to give her some personality and a chance to develop further. This episode is the most blatant example of that. She may be a near perfect Pokémon Coordinator, but she’s far from a perfect trainer. She still has a lot to work on, especially her relationship with her Pokémon. And all of this is happening behind the backs of her friends because she is unwilling to go to them for help yet. So suddenly she has transformed from this perfect character with little flaws, to a flawed hero. Only time will tell how she develops from here.

Episode 38: Pikachu, Where are You!?

The Halloween-themed episode 38 is out now. Read it here.

When Ash, Brock, and Brenda arrive at Starside City for Brenda’s contest, they discover that a giant Pokémon known as the Wraith is stealing coordinators’ Pokémon. Now it’s up to them and a special Officer Jenny to solve this mystery.

Episode 35: Reduced to Double

Make sure to read episode 35 here.

A chance encounter with Brenda’s fellow Pokémon Coordinator Will proves to be a learning experience for her when he tells her about Double Performances, the type of performance that will be required at her next Pokémon Contest. Now Brenda must work to master this new style of battle.

Also, the Movedex has been updated and Will has been added to the Character Guide. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to read the Exclusive Special Episode: The Cosmic Chronicles.

Episode 8 Review

While we’ve all known that Brenda wanted to be a coordinator since episode one, it’s not until this episode that she tells Ash and Brock. The beginning of this episode saw the evolution of Chrysalux into Glitterfly, continuing the trend of the “Basic Bug” evolving quickly, and just in time for the Contest too. This episode also was Jessie’s return to Pokémon Contests, just like she did back in Hoenn and Sinnoh. This time around she takes on the name Princess Jessileia, which is meant to be an obvious reference to my favorite movies, Star Wars (as in Princess Leia). I chose to have Will use Cryogonal as his choice for the first round because I wanted to use either a Kalos or Unova Pokémon, since neither of the two has ever been seen in Pokémon Contests.

One important thing to address. In the previous episode, there was a Character named Jillian. In this episode, there is a character named Gillian. That was my mistake. I made the first one forgetting that I already had that name set aside for Pokémon Contest MC/Host. I could not think of any other names that ended with -ian like Lillian, Vivian, and Marian, so I just changed the spelling a little bit. Sorry.