Cosmic Quest’s Sixth Anniversary

Today marks six years since I published the first episode of Cosmic Quest, and it’s also been a year since I announced Sol Version. Time sure does fly. I may not have anything as special to share with you this year as I did last, but I still have something pretty cool, if I do say so myself. A couple months back, when I announced Mystery Dungeon: Cosmic Destiny, I mentioned that my brother, creator of most of this website’s graphics, had recently stepped up his game and figured out how to make some really good digital art. From that, we got Turcell and Kappaqua drawn in art style of Super Mystery Dungeon. Now to celebrate the sixth anniversary, he has made Sugimori-style art for all three Tenno starters.




Cosmic Quest may have slowed down a little in recent times, but it’s still going strong. Here’s to the years ahead of us.

Special Announcement – Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Cosmic Destiny

Last week we received an absolutely massive piece of Pokémon news, and no, I am not referring to the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC pack. I am referring to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. To me, this announcement was bigger than even a new main series game announcement would be, as a new main series game is expected to come, but for all we knew, Mystery Dungeon was a dead series. Rescue Team DX may just be a remake, but it is also so much more. It is a statement that Mystery Dungeon lives.

I absolutely adore Mystery Dungeon, particularly the Explorers series. It is by far my favorite Pokémon spin-off. I perhaps like it even more than the main series games. And so now I want to celebrate its return properly.

When I first came up with the Tenno Region as a child, I didn’t just stop at making my own game concepts, I also came up with spin-off games. And so, it is no surprise that one of my favorites was my Mystery Dungeon concept. And so, it brings me great pleasure to announce that starting on March 6th, the release date of Rescue Team DX, I will be publishing a mini-series based on my Mystery Dungeon concept. This story is called Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Cosmic Destiny.

Mystery Dungeon Cover

Cosmic Destiny is story version of my game concept. Think of it as an expanded version of those Mystery Dungeon anime specials they used to make. It will be a somewhat abridged retelling of my original concept. Cosmic Quest will still be my primary project, but after every couple episodes of Cosmic Quest, I’ll write a new chapter for Cosmic Destiny. Personally, I can’t wait.

Of course, as a part of the Cosmic Quest Project, Cosmic Destiny will feature all the custom Tenno Pokémon you’ve come to know and love, but in a completely different setting than you ever would have imagined. Stay tuned for more info.

Also, as I tend to do, I have created a new desktop background to go with this event. If anyone is interested, it can be found on the Bonus Content page. Also, if you want to get a better and unobstructed look at that new Turcell and Kappaqua art, take look at the Gallery page. I’d like to thank my brother, ChaosProjectAuthor, for the wonderful art. He’s really stepped his game up on these ones.

Challengers Approaching! New Foes Have Appeared!

Well, here we are. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has arrived at long last. I truly cannot wait until I can get my hands on the game. The newest entry in one of my favorite video game franchises next to Pokémon has gotten me thinking, if Luna, Terra, and Sol were real Pokémon games, then how would they be represented in Smash Bros? If you’ve wondered the same, then wonder no more. The answer is here.

Given how important Legendary Pokémon are to Smash Bros, I find it quite surprising that we only have one Legendary Pokémon as a playable character in the games with Mewtwo. The reason for this almost certainly boils down to the fact that most Legendary Pokémon are not humanoid in shape (which may not be a requirement for Smash Bros, but certainly helps) and too big. Of course, Ridley has now proven that size can be negotiable. With that, I propose these two new characters for Smash Bros.

Smash Bros Terratlas.png

Terratlas would serve as slow heavy-weight character. It would be as tall as Ridley in Smash Bros, but also bulkier, due to it’s body shape, making it the most massive character in Smash Bros. This would, in turn, make it one of the slowest characters, but its power would more than make up for that low speed. Here’s a basic summary of its moves:

B: Brine: Terratlas attacks with a pulse of water from its body. As Terratlas takes damage, this move increases in power, size, and range.

Down-B:  Earthquake: Terratlas stomps the ground, creating an earthquake in the vicinity directly around it. This will stun and cause damage to any opponent in close proximity. In addition, this will cause a minor amount of damage to opponents standing on the same floor as Terratlas. The damage at a distance caused by this attack decrease each time it is used.

Side-B: Earth Power: Terratlas causes the ground in a line of sight of it to erupt. The attack is slow moving, but has very strong launching power if contact is made.

Up-B: Seismic Toss: Terratlas leaps straight up in to the air. As it travels upwards, if it contacts any opponent, Terratlas will grab them. Once at the peak of the jump, Terratlas will hurl the captured opponent straight down. If used over a ledge, the opponent can recover, but only if they act fast.

A Attacks: Various basic attacks that aren’t worth detailing.

Side-Smash: Blizzard: Terratlas summons a short ranged blizzard. At full charge, it might freeze the target.

Up-Smash: Geyser Strike: A forceful jet of water is sent above. Longer range the longer it’s charged.

Down-Smash: Seismic Manipulation: Attacks the ground beneath it powerfully.

Final Smash: Firma Force Of Nature: All it once, a rain, hail, and sandstorm begins. Terratlas leaps in to the air and absorbs nature’s energy all around it, then slams downwards in a semi-controllable trajectory that results in a shock wave. Afterwards, the weather created lingers for a period of time, during which Terratlas’ B attacks are powered up.

Smash Bros Seluna.png

Seluna, while being quite tall, would be much more agile than most of the larger characters. It’s moves  may be weaker than Terratlas’ because of this, but Seluna can still pack a punch.

B: Lunar Beam: Seluna attacks with a beam of shadowy energy. The attack can be charged, and the longer it’s charged for, the thicker the beam, longer, and more powerful the beam will be.

Down-B: Moonlight: As long as the button is held, Seluna will slowly heal over time.

Side-B: Moonblast: A phantasmal moon appears above Seluna, and aims an attack at the closest opponent. The attack has little to no knock back, and doesn’t o the most damage, but will almost always hit.

Up-B: Stone Edge: Seluna causes rocky spikes to jet out from beneath. These spikes will cause damage and knock back to anyone they hit as the emerge, and fling Seluna up into the air. If used on the ground, these spikes will linger for a short period. or until the move is used again. Anyone besides Seluna that touches these spikes will take minor damage.

A Attacks: Various basic attacks not worth detailing.

Side-Smash: Nightstorm: Seluna attacks with a snap of dark energy right in front of it.

Up-Smash: Ancient Power: Seluna hurls power-infused boulders straight up.

Down-Smash: Night Shade: A pulse of shadow emanates downwards from Seluna.

Final Smash: Apogee Tidal Power: A massive full Moon appears in the sky and Seluna calls upon its energy in order to attack with a massive beam of silvery lunar energy. The full Moon lingers for a short period afterwards, powering up all of Seluna’s B moves.


Now, you’re probably wondering, what about Heliosol? Well, we also need a new stage, don’t we? Let’s solve both those problems.

Solar Peak: This stage is set in Luna, Terra, and Sol’s Solar Peak Ruins, where Heliosol is found in Luna and Terra. The main floor of the stage is a raised altar above the rest of the ruins (the alter where you would encounter Heliosol). There are also two floating platforms, one over the drop-off on either side of the stage. Periodically, Heliosol will appear in the stage. It will randomly appear in its normal form or its Ascended Form. When in its standard form, it will stand in the background and randomly launch fiery attacks at the battlefield. But when it appears in its Ascended Form, it will join the battle as a boss. When it’s defeated, it will release a burst of fire and light that will cause damage to all fighters except the one who beat it. When Heliosol isn’t around, Sun-themed Pokémon such as Solrock, Solem, Volcarona, Heliolisk, Turcell, and Gigastar will appear at random in the background. They don’t do anything but stand around.


Now, there’s one more way that Pokémon is represented in Smash Bros. Pokéball Pokémon. So, of course, there’s got to be some Tenno ones.

Buffern: Buffern will follow the fighter who summoned it around the battle field, and use its ferns to shield them from certain attacks. Buffern will disappear either after a short time, or taking enough damage.

Solurtle: Solurtle will use Rapid Spin and Heat Wave, attack around the field at random.

Kappaqua: Kappaqua will stand in one place and hurl Aqua Bombs at anyone who gets near it.

Calumba: The Pokémon will fly around the field, using Aroma Therapy to heal the fighters, giving a preference to the one who called it out.

Noxic: Noxic will float around the field. Anyone who touches it will take damage over time for a short amount of time due to poisoning.

Beetundra: Betundra will roll its snowball around the field, and it will get bigger the more it moves. If a player touches the snowball, they will be knocked away. The bigger the snowball, the bigger the knock back.

Boodini: The magician Pokémon will disappear and reappear at random. Whenever it appears, it will attack.

Gravisaac: While Gravisaac is on the field, gravity will randomly change between being more and less intense.

Myoken: Myoken will guide the fighters to treasure, such as CDs or Trophies.


And that’s it. Now enjoy all your smashing!


Classification: The Psychic Kappa Pokémon
Type: Water/Psychic
Description: This Pokémon is known for its ability to finely manipulate water with its psychic powers. It has been known to have a mischievous nature and use this ability to play tricks on those who get too close to its river home.
Evolves from Kappaqua at level 16 and into Kappaquarius at level 36

Trivia: Kappaqueous is a highly intelligent Pokémon. It uses this intelligence to measure currents in the river it lives in, and will calculate the best place to hide. It is often times said that you do not find a Kappaqueous, but a Kappaqueous finds you, as, if they desire to remain hidden, it is nearly impossible to locate one. The only times they will come out of hiding is to play their pranks.

In-Depth Page 

Episode 59 Review

First off, let me admit what I see as a major flaw of this episode, and my Wallace Cup arc as a whole. When Dawn won the Wallace Cup in Sinnoh, she only had one ribbon at the time, and I always felt like it was odd for a coordinator with only one ribbon to be winning a tournament that attracts the best coordinators from around the world. It just seemed too forced to me. Sadly, that’s exactly what I had happen to Brenda. Of course, I didn’t do this for no reason at all, Brenda’s current character arc needed to happen sooner rather than later, and the Wallace Cup was the perfect place to resolve that arc. I did try to justify the win by having it shown how much Brenda can accomplish when she combines her natural talent with intense training, but I’m not sure that would satisfy me if I were simply a viewer. Anyways, on the topic of the battles, there was actually a little bit of symbolism for me behind Brenda and Dawn’s battle. Personally, I never much liked that Dawn’s Piplup never evolved. I know that Ash often doesn’t evolve his Pokémon, but the Sinnoh Region was different, as he actually ended up evolving most of them. It was a little annoying to have Piplup not evolve in contrast (That being said, I must admit that a lot of this resentment towards it not evolving stems from the fact that Piplup always annoyed me, and I would guess a Prinplup and Empoleon would be less annoying). So having Kappaqua evolve in a battle against Piplup was a bit of a reference to what I think should have happened to Piplup.

Back in the Day…

As of today, we’re exactly a week off from the 20th Anniversary. It’s time for the next wave of special content. Remember how when Pokémon first came out, the graphics were much different? There were greater limitations on colors and sprite size, and the sprites themselves just looked goofy at times. Have you ever wondered what Pokémon from the Tenno Region might have looked like if they were made back then? No, you haven’t? Well, you get to see anyways.

Classic Sporout Was Sent Out

Classic Turcell Was Sent Out

Classic Kappaqua Was Sent Out

Classic Terratlas Appeared

Classic Seluna Appeared

Classic Brandon Wants to Fight

And then, as a special bonus for those of you who love this retro stuff, here’s a new desktop background.


Train on!

The 20th Anniversary is Coming!

It may be over a month away, but it’s never too early to begin celebrating one of the biggest years in Pokémon’s history. February 27, 2016 is Pokémon’s 20th anniversary! You may have already noticed the new banner above and the countdown timer on the right. These are just two of the ways I plan on celebrating. I have also updated the Bonus Content section with a special 20th Anniversary desktop background I created. Here’s a look:

20th Anniversary Background

Don’t think it ends there though, I have a lot planned for the coming month, including a very special way to celebrate on the actual day of the anniversary.

Never stop catching ’em all!

Episode 25 Review

I actually created the Pokémon Dashilisk for the purpose of putting it on Ash’s team. Ash always has a Water-Type on his team. Often, that means the water starter, but that wouldn’t work here, since Brenda already has Kappaqua. I began thinking of what Water-Type I had already made would fit Ash. I quickly realized that I hadn’t made one that would. Most of my Water-Types were not amphibious, so it would be hard for Ash to use them. The ones I had that weren’t weren’t the best fit to Ash’s team. So I ended up thinking of things that needed to be made into a Pokémon and realized that basilisk lizard, one of the coolest, most wacky animals there are, had yet to be made into a Pokémon (technically, there is Helioisk, but it has nothing to do with running across water, so I decided to take another crack at it). In case you missed it in my previous post, I’ll say it again, Ash’s Dashilisk has a crest on its head, which means it is a male. Also, the two moves that the Dashilisk used were Scald and Dragon Claw.