Episode 54: The Brave and the Bold

A thrilling new episode for Cosmic Quest can be read here.

While fighting Team Rocket, Ash and friends encounter the Guardian, the ninja superhero who helped them back in Kanaveral City. But once the Guardian dispatches of Team Rocket, another threat appears. The Guardian’s arch-nemesis kidnaps not only an innocent girl, Brenda as well. Now our heroes must join forces with this superhero to rescue their friend.

Also, the Character Guide page has been updated with a section for the Guardian.



Classification: The Guiding Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Light
Description: Known as the Guiding Light, Myoken will appear to those who are lost and guide them to what their heart most desires. It is affiliated with the North Star.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: Myoken is the first event-exclusive Legendary Pokémon to be announced from the Tenno Region. It is meant to fill the same niche occupied by Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Victini, and Diancie. It’s name is derived from the Japanese goddess of the North Star of the same name. The four arms of and two orbs held by Myoken are also inspired by the same goddess, as she was depicted with four arms and as holding the sun and moon discs. As an event-exclusive Legendary, the only way to obtain Myoken is either through a direct download event or via a special item known as the Polar Pass, only given away at a specific event. Once the Polar Pass is obtained, you can take it to the captain of the hover-boat, the S.S. Galaxy (the main transport between Horizoport City and Kanaveral City, as well as the only way to get to the Pokémon League). Once the Polar Pass is shown to him, the captain will recount to you a story of when he was just a young cabin boy and his ship got lost at sea. Myoken appeared to guide the ship home. He tells you that that Polar Pass proves that you are worthy of meeting Myoken, so he’ll bring you Myoken’s home, the star-shaped island known as Far North Isle. The island is mostly covered in frost and snow, but if you travel there at night, you will be treated to a magnificent view of the stars. The only thing on this island is Myoken, which you can challenge to battle and try to capture as you want.

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Episode 17: The Team Scheme

Check out episode 17 here.

While Ash and Pikachu are receiving a tour of Kanaveral City’s Cape Space Center, Team Rocket is breaking into a top secret Team Planetary warehouse, and stealing a prototype superweapon. With this weapon on their side, can anything stop Team Rocket’s rampage across the city?

The Pokédex and Team Planetary pages have been updated accordingly.

Episode 16 Review

This episode was me taking a stab at doing some social commentary. Every day I go to school, I see all the kids around me stuck in the world of their smartphones, oblivious to everything around them. It bothers me. The part with the Battle Simulator was a separate piece of social commentary, this one aimed at sports-themed video games. I always found it so silly that people would play a football video game when they can go outside and play football for real. I play video games in order to do fantastical things that can’t be done in normal life, not mundane things such as sports.

On a different topic, the Pokéssistant is the signature piece of technology of the Tenno Region, similar to the Pokégear, Pokénav, Pokétch, X-Transceiver, and Holo-Caster. It is given to your character in Luna/Terra/Sol when you first arrive in Kanaveral City. It serves a large amount of functions. For further information, check out its new section on New Mechanics page.

Episode 16: The Social Net

Look for Episode 16 here.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda finally arrive in Kanaveral City, the largest City in the Tenno Region. Once there, they quickly discover two things: the gym is closed, and everyone here seems obsessed over technology.

Also, the New Mechanics page has been updated with a detailed description of the Pokéssistant.