Classification: The Snow Tick Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ice
Description: Arctick are born in snowball nests rolled by their parents. Being born in the snow means that Arctick have an extremely low body temperature. In order to compensate, they must suck the body heat of other Pokémon, causing the Pokémon to become colder while Arctick warms itself.
Evolves into Beetundra at level 17

Trivia: Travelers to regularly cold, snow-covered areas are advised to to make sure that all skin is covered completely to avoid having Arctick latch onto them and sap their heat, therefore increasing the rate at which a person can contract hypothermia.

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Classification: The Snow Roller Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ice
Description: This Pokémon will never be caught without its snowball, which it creates in artic plains, using only the highest quality of snow. Inside the snowball, Beetundra will store its food in a frozen state.
Evolves from Artick at level 17 and into Carapice at level 39

Trivia: Beetundra is based off of a dung beetle, but its choice of ball building materials is a more child-friendly snow instead of dung. Being separated from its snowball causes this Pokémon extreme anxiety.

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Classification: The Comet Tail Pokémon
Type: Ice/Fire
Description: This Pokémon’s tail may burn at extremely high temperatures, but the ice that composes its main body is chilled to such low temperatures that it is impossible to melt. This unique trait allows it to survive the fall from space down to Earth.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Cosmet migrate through space in herds. They pass by the Earth periodically, and when they do they create a grand spectacle in the sky. Sometimes a stray Cosmet will be caught by Earth’s gravity and pulled down to the surface.

Episode 62 Review

Sorry it’s been so long. Let’s see what I can remember.

As is probably obvious by now, Mahemoth is one of the Tenno Region’s two fossil Pokémon. Instead of going for ancient invertebrates and/or dinosaurs like we normally see, I decided to go with something slightly different and make a fossil from the Ice Age. Frostover Island itself is the actual location in-game where you can obtain your choice of fossil. Speaking of Frostover Island, one minor liberty taken by this episode is the island. In Luna, Terra, and Sol, the only way to get to Frostover Island is by surfing, and Surf is not available until later in the game, so you have to fly back to Versal once you get it. Frostover Island is meant to be a location for the trainer to explore and to serve as a training location. It has no real reason to exist as far as the story is concerned, but between the training options there, the Ice-Types that can only be found there, and the fossil given as a reward for making it to the end of the glacial tunnels, it’s not a pointless location.

Mahemoth and the Tusk Fossil

Classification: The Mammoth Pokémon
Type: Rock/Ice
Description: During the time of the Ice Age, over 10,000 years ago, Mahemoth could be found all around the world. As the weather began to warm, these Pokémon found themselves unprepared for such climates and soon died completely out.
Evolves from Massodon at level 38

Tusk FossilTusk Fossil: A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived in the snow. It looks as if it could be piece of a tusk.

Trivia: The adaptations of Mahemoth that allow it to live in the cold include a layer of fat and a thick fur coat. If put into warm weather, these two adaptations will cause the Pokémon to quickly overheat, hence the reason for its die-out.

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Also, images of Halley and the Comet Badge have been posted to the Tenno League page.

Episode 40 Review

This episode exists because I felt like after such a traumatic experience for Brenda, I couldn’t just have her acting like everything’s just fine in the next episode. I needed a transition episode. It just so happened that during this episode they would be traveling to one of the few snowy areas in Tenno, and I wanted Brenda to capture an Ice-Type at some point. Add those plots together, and this episode was born. And I’m going to admit it, Frostcicle is one of my weakest designed Pokémon yet. One reason for this is that it is actually one of the earlier Pokémon I created. I liked it enough, and felt like it was just well enough designed, to be able to graduate to being in Cosmic Quest. Actually, it is the first Pokémon from my original “generation” of Pokémon (I created two generations of Pokémon originally, and Tenno was my second generation, another region that I have completely discarded was my first. It and its Pokémon  were made years earlier) to make it to Cosmic Quest completely unedited in name, concept, and design.


Classification: The Ice Spike Pokémon
Type: Ice
Description: This Pokémon lives only where the temperature remains constantly below freezing. When resting, Frostcicle will attach itself to a branch or other overhanging object, allowing it to grow in size as it takes on more ice.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Frostcicle are very happy Pokémon by their very nature. They often live in large groups. When they sleep at night they can be indistinguishable from normal icicles. Because they grow and shrink according to water gain/loss, no two Frostcicle are the same size.

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