Cosmic Quest and Sword and Shield

Final update as of 12/18/2019

Well, it’s been two weeks, and I’m wrapping up my playthrough of Shield. With that, I am now ready to bring the Cosmic Quest Project into the next generation. You see, I treat Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions as if they existed in some hypothetical generation after the current generation. Up until now they’ve been Gen VIII+ games, but now that the actual Gen VIII is upon us, it is time for them to evolve into Gen IX+ games. That means bringing everything that Sword and Shield had to offer into the fold. Over the next few weeks I will be updating this website with everything that needs to change. Below is a to-do list everything that needs to be changed (listed in no particular order). I will cross items off the list and explain what changed as I make the changes. This post will be pinned to  the top of the home page for easy access until I start writing episodes again. These are my foreseen changes and things may turn out different or may not change at all.

1. Update the movesets and possible abilities of Tenno Pokémon to include newly introduced moves and abilities. (Complete with minimal changes)
Every ability introduced in Sword and Shield were specifically made as signature abilities for specific Pokémon, and therefore are not fitting for any Tenno Pokémon.

Similarly, most moves introduced in Sword and Shield are signature moves, leaving little new moves for Tenno Pokémon. Of all the moves introduced, only two of them of them is learned by more than one Pokémon not related by evolution or theme by level up, and that’s Life Dew and Branch Poke. As such, Life Dew is now learned by Calumba and Branch Poke is learned by Traineed and Arborrior. Also, as it is extremely fitting, Chipmunch and Squirrelutton will be using Skwovet and Greedent’s signature move, Stuff Cheeks. (They are basically the same Pokémon after all. What a strange coincidence.) Other than that, there are no changes.

Additional Update (12/18/19): I missed two things from this category. With abilities, while it is true that every ability introduced was a signature ability specifically designed for specific Pokémon, what I forgot was that one of these abilities was designed for Weezing, Neutralizing Gas, and therefore should be given to Haking as well. Haking can now have Neutralizing Gas instead of Liquid Ooze as an ability. Also, I forgot to add Steel Beam as a new “special move” to all Steel-Type Tenno Pokémon. This has now been done.

2.  Update the TM list and lists of compatible TMs with any potential new TMs introduced in Sword and Shield.
Sword and Shield introduces two moves moves that are near-universally learned exclusively through TM or TR. The first is Breaking Swipe, which is learned through level up only by Duraludon, but many other Pokémon through TM. The second is Body Press, which is learned exclusively through TR. In order to make both of these moves available in Tenno, they have both been added to the Tenno TM list. Body Press replaces Torment as TM47, and Breaking Swipe replaces Confide as TM100. Updates to the individual Pokémon pages to reflect the TM change will come soon.

Additional Update (12/18/19): I have now gone through every Pokémon page and removed Torment and Confide from their TM list. For those who are applicable, Body Press and Breaking Swipe were added. If you are curious to see which Pokémon had these moves added, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for either Breaking Swipe or Body Press.

3. Update the Light-Type page with any new Pokémon and/or moves that become Light-Types. (No Changes)
Well, this is a little awkward. Galar is the first region to introduce no Pokémon that could become a Light-Type. Perhaps resultantly, there are also no new Light-Type or Combo Light-Type moves. However, the Orbeetle line is an honorable mention for a Light-Type candidate, but the Bug and Psychic-Types are both too important to its design to remove in favor of Light. As a result, Orbeetle will gain some Light-Type moves in its Tenno moveset.

4. Add Galar Pokémon that can be found in the Tenno Region to the Tenno Region page.
Pokémon such as Applin, Sizzlipede, Duraludon, Blipbug, Dreepy, and their evolutions are now a part of the Tenno Dex and can be found in Tenno. Additional Galar Pokémon can also be found in post-game areas. See the Tenno Region page to see exactly where these Pokémon can be found.

5. Determine what new moves, if any, will become combo-type moves and add them to the appropriate section.
Continuing a theme, not much was added here. Tar Shot is now Rock/Fire and Spirit Break is now Fairy/Dark. All other new moves introduced didn’t qualify for a second type.

6. Add Galar Pokémon with signature moves to the signature move list on the New Mechanics/Features page.
This is a relatively long list of changes, so see the Signature Move section of the New Mechanics/Features page for more details.

7. Determine what Galar Pokémon have inherent Ground-Type immunity and add them to the appropriate section.
Orbeetle, Flapple, Sinistea, Polteageist, Milcery, Frosmoth, Dreepy, Drakloak, Dragapult, and Eternatus are now immune to Ground-Type moves.

8. Add a Galarian Representative to the Ultimate Seven (now Eight) section.
Apparently the protagonist’s name Victor, and he has been added to the list.

9. Add Galar characters to the Pokémon World Tournament section.
Galar Gym leaders were added to the World Leaders tournament (including Bede and Marnie), Leon was added to the Champion Tournament, and Hop, Swordward, and Shielbert were added to the Tenno Invitational. Notably Galar’s utter lack of an Elite Four or true equivalent leaves the Elite Tournament with no new participants.

10. Bring the History of the World of Pokémon page up to date with information from Galar’s history.
The events of Sword and Shield, as well as The Darkest Day, 3,000 years in the past, have been added to the timeline. Of note, the lack of Mega Evolution in the games makes it impossible to place Sword and Shield definitively in any timeline. It is most likely in the Mega Universe timeline, but there is no actual evidence saying so.

11. Add Galar Pokémon as example Pokémon to the Attackdex and Abilitydex page.
Various changes, too numerous to list, have been made. See page for exact changes.

12. Whatever else I might think of.
I anticipate no further updates in terms of bringing this website up-to-date with Gen VIII. If something else comes up, I will mention it in a separate post.

One notable thing I will not be doing is adding TRs. While I would be interested in essentially getting a 100 more TM options, TRs were designed as drops for Max Raid Battle Rewards, and would have no logical place in my games. Also, while a little more obvious, I will not be adding new Gigantamaxes or Max Moves. These mechanics are explicitly exclusive to Galar, and it would be unusual for them to appear in Tenno.


Team Rocket Takeover II Stamp Tilted

Team Rocket Takes Hollywood

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Mime Jr……………………Mime Jr.
Announcer……………….The Pokémon Narrator
Narator…………………….The Pokémon Narrator
Ash Ketchum……………..Twerp
Mystery Person 1…………???
Mystery Person 2…………???
Mystery Person 3…………???
Jessilina……………………Jessie Jessilina
Iron-Masked………………The Iron-Masked Marauder
Kid 1……………………….Random Kid off the Street
Kid 2……………………….Another Random Kid

Directed By Meowth
Filmed By James
Starring Jessie
Crewed by Wobbuffet
A Team Rocket Production

The persons and events depicted in this film are non-fictitious. Any relation or similarity to fictional characters or events are unintentional and completely coincidental. We swear.


Yuni Oha: NO! This isn’t over yet!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: YUNI OHA!?!?

Meowth: What gives, you should be stuck watching Howard the Duck right about now!

Jessie: That warehouse was escape-proof!

Yuni Oha: It was, but it’s not impervious to break-ins! Thanks to an elite team led by Jordan Osceola (Panther J) and SonicInfinity, my location was discovered and reported to some very good friends of mine. I believe you know them already.

Ash: You’re finished, Team Rocket!

Brenda: This website doesn’t belong to you!

Brock: And how dare you force anyone to watch Howard the Duck? That’s a whole new level of evil!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: *Gulp*

Yuni Oha: Let’s get my website back! Solurtle, use Blast Burn!

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Brenda: Kappaqueous, Hydroshock!

Brock: Blissey, attack with Egg Bomb!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: So much for Hollywood! We’ll get you for this, Yuni Oha! You haven’t seen the last of us! Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

Team Rocket Will Return in The Team Rocket Movie.

Meow We’re Talking, Episode 2

Team Rocket Takeover II Stamp Tilted

Announcer: Welcome to Meow We’re Talking, the only talk show hosted by a Pokémon!

Meow Were Talking

Announcer: And here’s your host! Meowth!

*Pre-Recorded Applause*

Meowth: Helloooooo internet! Let me just say, it’s great to be back! Did you miss me? Of course you did! Let’s kick this show off! Tonight we have quite a group of guests! It’s all my Pokémon co-stars from the upcoming Team Rocket Movie! Put your paws together for Mime Jr.!


Mime Jr.: Mime!

Meowth: Wobbuffet!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Meowth: Repiv!

Repiv: Repivvvvvvv!

Meowth: Haking!

Haking: Hak hak!

Meowth: Buzzsaw!

Buzzsaw: Buzzzz zzzz zzzz zz zzzzzz!

Meowth: And Ivine!

Ivine: Ivine vine!

*Applause continues*

Meowth: A big welcome to all of you. It’s great to have the entire Pokémon cast here, in one place.

Ivine: Vine ivine!

Meowth: You got that right, buddy! With all of us being Team Rocket Pokémon, I feel we’ve always been close, but shooting a movie together really did bring us closer, wouldn’t you guys agree?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime, mime.

Meowth: Alright, I’ve got to start things off by congratulating Wobbuffet on his earlier Bossy Award for Best Team Rocket Pokémon. I must say, I’m shocked it wasn’t me, but if it wasn’t me, then I guess you deserved it.

Wobbufet: *Holds up trophy* Wobbuffet!

Meowth: No need to gloat. Anyways, since we got the gang together, I figured I’d ask Repiv here a question.

Repiv: Pivvvvv?

Meowth: Okay, nearly 20 years ago, back when you were just a wee Ekans, you went on record claiming that there are only bad people, and no bad Pokémon. You’ve become pretty famous for this assertion. Now that you’re older and wiser, have you finally changed your mind?

Repiv: Repivvvv pivvv repivvvvvvvvv.

Meowth: … … … Realy? You sure about that?

Repiv: *Nods* Pivvvv.

Meowth: *Sighs* Okay, to each his own, I guess. Changing the topic, Mime Jr., I had to do some hard bargaining with James to let you stay up past your bedtime to appear on the show. How are you feeling right now?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime mime!

Meowth: Glad to hear it. Okay, and Haking, I heard you have a pretty big scene in The Team Rocket Movie. Anything you think you could tell the audience about?

Haking: Hak hak! Haking! Hak hak hak! Hak!

Meowth: Excuse me, spoilers! You should be more courteous to our audience, who know nothing about the movie and want it to be a surprise. You just gave the entire plot twist away!

Haking: Haking…

Meowth: Oh well, nothing can be done about it now. Hey, that reminds me. I’ve got a preview of The Team Rocket Movie to show. Hows about we watch that thing? Roll the clip!

Jessie, James, and Meowth stand at one end of a large corridor with metal walls, roof, and floor. Jessie begins to take a step forward, saying, “Well, that device isn’t going to steal itself.”

A stern voice suddenly shouts from behind them, “Stop right there! Don’t move another inch!”

Jessie’s foot freezes an inch from the floor. She and the others turn around to see someone else behind them. With long dark blue hair and a black trench coat, it’s the mysterious Team Rocket Operative Pierce. James says, “No way! It’s Pierce! We haven’t seen you since Unova!”

Meowth adds, “Yeah, you were supposed to help us with some sort of mission in Castelia City dealing with the Meteonite. Say, what ever happened to that mission? Why was it cancelled anyways?”

Jessie asks, “More to the point, what are you doing here, and why do I have to stay like this?” She beckons to her hovering foot.”

Pierce says nothing else and pulls out a spray canister. He begins to to spray its contents around the room. As the mist of the aerosol spreads, it reveals red laser lights criss-crossing across the corridor.

Jessie leaps back once she realizes that her foot was just above one such laser. “Yikes!”

Pierce stows away the canister and states critically, “The Boss sent me here as back up, due to the importance of this mission. This room is protected by security lasers. Make contact with just one of the beams, and you’ll set off the facilities security system.” He looks them over critically. “I expected better from you three.” Without another word, he leaps forward. With a complex series of leaps, flips, rolls, ducks, and weaves, Pierce makes his way to the other side of the corridor, never once touching a beam.

Jessie, James, and Meowth watch with dumbfounded awe. Meowth comments, “This guy is unreal!”

James disagrees, “No, he’s the real deal.”

Jessie adds, “No wonder they call him ‘elite’. He’s amazing…”


Meowth: Meow we’re talking. See, doesn’t that look like a great movie? I was shocked when they told us that Pierce was going to be in the movie. I thought that guy vanished off the face of the Earth.

Wobbuffet: Wobba?

Meowth: Yeah, he’s from Unova. For whatever reason, you weren’t around at the time, so you wouldn’t know him. But trust me, he was one of the more interesting parts of our time in Unova.

Buzzsaw: Buzzzz zzzz zzz zz zzzz!

Meowth: Unova wasn’t that bad.

Mime Jr.: Mime, mime mime.

Meowth: Okay, yeah. It was that bad. But things got better, and now we have our own movie, so it doesn’t matter anymore. Look at that, that’s all the time we have for tonight! Thank you all for watching. If you have any questions for me, or any of my guests, be sure to leave a comment and ask. The Team Rocket Q&A Session is nearly upon us. Bye!

Sneak Peak

Team Rocket Takeover Stamp Slanted

Jessie: Please ignore that last post. It was…

Meowth: It was a test! Yeah, a test. That’s all it was. Nothing more. Nothing to look into at all.

James: So while we figure out how to delete posts, how about you take a look at this, instead of that other one.

Jessie: We, as your benevolent Rocket overlords, are presenting to you an exclusive preview of the new Pokémon Cosmic Quest.

Meowth: Enjoy!

Cosmic Quest
Rocket Quest

Episode 91: Team Rocket Victorious

Today we join our heroes on an extra special day, a day where everything you thought you knew will change forever.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda are in Cosm City, continuing Brenda’s training for her upcoming contest.

What!? You thought I was talking about them? They’re not your heroes anymore. These are your heroes now.

Jessie, James, and Meowth are spying on them from behind a nearby stand. Meowth declares, “This is it. I can sense it. Today is different. Today is the day that we’re destined to capture Pikachu.”

Continue reading

The Special Edition Team Rocket Takeover Background

Team Rocket Takeover Stamp Slanted

James: Don’t you dare say your new internet overlords never gave you anything! We made this special edition Team Rocket Takeover desktop background just for you!


Jessie: For those of you who aren’t so technologically-inclined, you can see the instructions Yuni Oha wrote about using a background on the Bonus Content page. But remember, this background is limited edition, and won’t be available forever! Get it while you can!

Meowth: And speaking of the Bonus Content page, don’t think it’s just the homepage that we’ve taken control of. We’ve appropriated and edited many of the pages on this website, so be sure to take a look around at pages like the Character Guide and others. If you see the Team Rocket Takeover stamp at the top, we’ve made our edits.

James: And don’t forget, we’re hosting a Team Rocket Q and A session later today. Ask all the questions you want in the comments section!