Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 2 Review

First off, sorry about the wait for the review. And second off, sorry about the wait for this chapter. It’s been over a year since Chapter 1 of the Cosmic Chronicles was released, and in a perfect world, I would have preferred to have a gap in between episodes of no more than six months, or at least less than a year. The problem is that I need to evenly space these episodes across the release schedule of Cosmic Quest, so they remain in-line with each other on their respective plots, and so that one doesn’t finish way before the other. Because of this, I have a strict release schedule to follow, and the insane amount of time I was taking to publish episodes over the summer and fall lead to a larger than desired time between the two chapters. And in all honesty, it will probably take about as long for episode 3 to appear.

One of the major goals of this chapter was to establish a more solid character for Brandon. In chapter 1 he was simply some cool trainer with powerful Pokemon. I realized after writing it that this would not do, I needed to up his character. So this chapter gave some insights to what drives and hinders Brandon. The addition of Braydon and Galileo both also allowed for Brandon to have some character moments. As I have discussed in other posts, Braydon was brought into this episode as a way to connect it to the greater Cosmic Quest story, just as Chapter 1 served as a prequel to the first Cosmic Quest movie, this chapter, in a sense, served as a prequel for  the Astro Camp arc. Of course, that’s nowhere near as important as setting up for a movie, but I’m not quite ready to begin work on the movie yet, so I had to settle for less in this case.


Galileo’s Rayquaza

Galileo's Rayquaza

You may have already heard that there is currently a Shiny Rayquaza being given out to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire over Wi-Fi. What you may not have known is that this Rayquaza belongs to Galileo. Check out its Original Trainer (OT) and you’ll find that it’s listed as Galileo. Now this could just be a reference to the fact that the Perseid Meteor Shower is currently peaking, and the real world Galileo, who was a famous astronomer, but as Galileo Galilei never even heard of a Pokémon, it seems much more likely that this mysterious Rayquaza used to belong to the Tenno Champion himself. Just think about it: it is a black, serpentine dragon, connected to space, just like Galileo’s signature Pokémon, Dracosmic. Surely if there is a trainer out there worthy of capturing a Shiny Rayquaza, it must be Galileo.

Episode 22 Review

Some of the more observant of the show, might notice that this episode is similar to the Diamond and Pearl episode Top-Down Training, where Paul challenged Cynthia to battle, only to lose completely against her Garchomp. In all honesty, this episode was a copy of that one, but I couldn’t resist. It allowed for a good amount of character development for Ryu, and it allowed for us to meet Galileo. And since Galileo’s signature Pokémon, Dracosmic, is a Dragon-Type, it was a perfect opportunity. I actually really liked this episode. I think it might be one of my favorites so far. In addition to seeing the the battle, we also got to see Ash acting serious for a change, and Brock giving his advice. I felt like it was a touching scene. For anyone who might curious, here’s the just completed image of Galileo:

Episode 22: Championship Shape

Make sure to check out Episode 22 here.

When Ash, Brock, and Brenda decide to attend a lecture by Professor Pine, they end up getting more than they expected when they also meet up with Ryu, and Galileo, the Tenno League Champion.

Also, the Pokédex, Attackdex, and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly and a Ryu section has been added to the Character Guide.