Episode 79 Review

It should be noted that I took some liberty with the gym battle, when compared to its in-game counterpart. Mainly, the battle with Allen is not normally a double battle. What actually inspired me initially to do so was trying to solve a problem. In addition to the two of Allen’s Pokémon seen already, Allen also uses a Lunatone and Solrock in in the games. The problem is that since the show uses three-on-three as its battle standard, Allen needed a third Pokémon, but couldn’t use his fourth, and it would be very awkward for him to use either Lunatone or Solrock, but not the other. So I needed an excuse for Allen to only use two Pokémon. The solution was a two-on-two double battle. Another benefit of this format that became apparent to me was that I would be able to show off the partnership between Arborrior and Eagladiator that I’ve been building up. The other liberty I took was actually Eatyai. Way back when I first made my game concepts, Eatyai was supposed to be Allen’s signature Pokémon. But when thinking about it recently, I realized this couldn’t work. The problem is that Elgyem doesn’t evolve into Beheeyem until level 42, and therefore the minimum level for an Eatyai is 43. But being the fifth gym of a region means that Allen’s Pokémon should be somewhere in the range of level 35. 43 is just pushing it too much, and I didn’t want to give him an impossibly under-leveled Pokémon either. So I made Yuifoe his signature Pokémon instead and gave him an Elgyem to fill the last spot. But for these episodes, I knew I wanted to use Allen in order to introduce Eatyai.

As I say in every review of a gym battle episode, I like to have each one show off a different skill and/or trait of Ash that proves how good of a trainer he is. This time around, it was Ash’s ability to not take the easy option, and instead prioritize a more clever one, as shown by his choice of Pokémon. One would assume picking to Fighting-Types to battle against to Psychic-Types would be a bad choice, but Ash knew that any short-term gain he could achieve with type advantages would be outweighed by the long-term advantage of the strong partnership of his Pokémon.

Also of note in this episode was Pikachu’s participation in the battle, despite the fact that it didn’t actually battle. I like Pikachu taking part in as many gym battles as possible, but I just couldn’t give up either Arborrior or Eagladiator’s spots, so Pikachu needed to sit out this one, but I still wanted it to contribute to Ash’s win. So I took a page out Ash’s battle with Olympia in Kalos, where Pikachu was instrumental in Ash’s victory, due to its ability to predict when the Future Sight attack was going to land. I tried to replicate and expand upon that concept. I think I improved on it myself, as anyone could have figured out the amount of time it takes for Future Sight to inflict damage, but only an Electric-Type like Pikachu could detect the Eerie Impulse.

Speaking of Ash’s battle with Olympia, an interesting fact of trivia that someone pointed out to me in a review, is that of Ash’s three battles with Psychic-Type Gym Leaders (Sabrina, Liza/Tate, and Olympia), two of them were double battles (Liza/Tate and Olympia). So, in a way, making this a double battle served to continue a tradition.


Classification: The Gladiatorial Bird Pokémon
Type: Fighting/Flying
Description: A master of aerial combat, this Pokémon will fight with a never-ending onslaught of physical attacks. When two or more are in one place, it will always lead to a fight between them.
Evolves from Falcoknight at level 36

Trivia: If Eagladiator is not training or fighting, it can often be found sharpening its talons against rocks. It keeps its talons so sharp that a slash from them can cut through solid rock. The leader of a flock of Eagladiator is often determined by who has the sharpest and strongest talons.

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Traineed and Arborrior

Classification: The Seed Pokémon
Type: Grass
Description: Traineed can do very little in the way of fighting due their small stature and weak limbs, but they dream of nothing more than to become powerful. They will dedicate much of their time to training in order to achieve this goal.
Evolves into Arborrior by training with a Fighting-Type move

Trivia: Traineed introduces a new method of evolution, as it must evolve by training with a Fighting-Type move. This means that it must use a Fighting-Type move a predetermined amount of times before it evolves. In the case of Traineed, it needs to use 20 Fighting-Type moves. As Low Kick is the only Fighting-Type move Traineed can learn, it must use that move 20 times.

Classification: The Forest Guardian Pokémon
Type: Grass/Fighting
Description: When a Traineed fully develops into an Arborrior, all of the training it put in can now be put to its full use with its powerful new body. It will fight endlessly to protect the forest that it lives in.
Evolves from Traineed by training with a Fighting-Type move

Trivia: The branches above its head its head will produce small seeds, which will eventually mature into Traineed. They will fall off when they are prepared to function on their own.


Classification: The Brutal Bushido Pokémon
Type: Steel/Fighting
Description: Its entire body can be used as a weapon. Often instead of fighting, Slashogun will command hordes of Slasharp to do its work for it, unless its honor is questioned, in which case it will fight alone.
Evolves from Slasharp by leveling up while holding the Samurai Helmet

Trivia: Slashogun is the arch-rival of Ninjato. Slashogun embodies brute force and honor, while Ninjato employs stealth and trickery. Their differences are irreconcilable, making it so that they have and will always fight when two meet for the first time. Also, while Ninjato and Ninjitsu, their pre-evolved forms, tend to live solitary lives, Slashogun and Slasharp live in communities where one Slashogun rules over a gang of Slasharp.

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Also, the Attackdex has been updated with Slashogun’s signature move, Cold Steel.


Meteormight (Click here for the in-depth Pokédex page)
MeteormightShiny Meteormight(Shiny Sprite)

Classification: The Space Warrior Pokémon
Type: Rock/Fighting
Description: Meteormight’s fists can hit with the force of a meteorite hitting the Earth’s surface. It can retract its limbs in order to hurl itself at an opponent with an even greater force.
Evolves from Meteorfight at level 34

Trivia: Having been intensely heated up in their entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, the rocky surface of Meteormight has been extremely hardened, allowing for both a powerful offense and defense.



Classification: The Knighted Bird Pokémon
Type: Flying/Fighting
Description: After spending their youth doing nothing but training, Falcoknight are very proficient fighters. They can attack with jabs from their sharpened talons, or even punch like attacks from their wings.
Evolves from Apprentichick at level 17 and into Eagladiator at level 36

Trivia: Falcoknight are masters of aerial combat, but also train to ensure that they can maneuver proficiently on land. They sharpen their talons against stones every day to ensure a maximum powered Talon Grapple attack. In medieval times, they would be used for falconry hunting, or as assistants to knights.

Also, Ash’s team pose on the Character Description page has been updated to include this new image.



Classification: The Shinobi Pokémon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Description: Ninjato are experts in fighting in the shadows. They can create some of the sharpest blades out of pure shadows, which they wield with great skill. In the ancient past, they fought side by side with ninjas.
Evolves from Ninjitsu by leveling up while holding the Ninja Scrolls.

Trivia: Ninjato’s name comes from the name of a type of ninja sword. As well as being masters of the blade, they are efficient in hand-to-hand combat, and are masters of stealth.