Episode 57 Review

I always have fun writing the performances for the Appeal Stage. It sometimes can be hard to come up with something original, but in the end it’s always an enjoyable experience. Having such a wide cast of characters competing here served to increase the enjoyment I had. Putting Ash in a situation like this was especially fun. Dashilisk was practically made to do that performance. It was also great to work with Dawn and May as well. I did my best to replicate their style as well as possible. Of course, the important part of this episode wasn’t the performances, it was Brenda’s story. I specifically framed it to have Will go immediately before Brenda and put on a show that could only be achieved with the utmost practice. This served to up the stakes for Brenda to show what she’s managed to learn while practicing. Also of note is the flashbacks to Brenda’s first ever training session. I did want to dedicate an entire episode to her training, but this seemed like a much more economic and meaningful way of doing things. I designed Brenda’s performance to be something that would have ended in disaster had she never tried it before in order to further emphasize how important this training was.


Episode 31 Review

This episode, in all honesty, was made up last minute. I made it to this point, and I knew I needed one more episode before Ash, Brock, and Brenda make it to the Starstreak Mountains, but I didn’t know what I should do. I decided that Ash and Dashilisk hadn’t had the chance to bond yet, so this could be the perfect excuse. The format of this episode really is a classic bonding episode. The character and the Pokémon of the episode get lost and forced to overcome their differences to get out of it one piece. When I first made Dashilisk’s character, I thought that it would be the perfect match for Ash, being as playful as it was, but as I thought about this episode’s plot, I decided that Dashilisk would probably be a little too much for even Ash to handle. That of course was all solved here.

Episode 31: Up the Creek

You can read episode 31 here.

After having their picnic lunch interrupted by some angry Pokémon, Ash and Dashilisk are separated from everyone else. Now they must make it back, but Dashilisk’s carefree and happy-go-lucky attitude seem to be getting in their way.

The Character Guide page has been updated accordingly. Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, the New Items page has been recently updated with a TM/HM list, and the Attackdex has been updated with the new moves.

Episode 27 Review

Sorry this is running a little late, I had something come up before I could post this earlier.

In case you didn’t notice, the episodes that spanned the gap from Ash’s initial battle with Skyler up until the actual gym battle was an episode arc of sorts. First Ash actually fights Skyler, then he relates about his loss with his rival Ryu, then he is inspired in a new strategy by Brenda’s Pokémon Contest, then he trains as well as captures a new Pokémon to help him further, he trains some more, and finally he wins the gym battle. I wasn’t initially attempting to make an arc like that, it actually sort of just worked out. About the time of the second contest episode, I figured out it could work that way, and decided that I might as well roll with it.

Episode 25 Review

I actually created the Pokémon Dashilisk for the purpose of putting it on Ash’s team. Ash always has a Water-Type on his team. Often, that means the water starter, but that wouldn’t work here, since Brenda already has Kappaqua. I began thinking of what Water-Type I had already made would fit Ash. I quickly realized that I hadn’t made one that would. Most of my Water-Types were not amphibious, so it would be hard for Ash to use them. The ones I had that weren’t weren’t the best fit to Ash’s team. So I ended up thinking of things that needed to be made into a Pokémon and realized that basilisk lizard, one of the coolest, most wacky animals there are, had yet to be made into a Pokémon (technically, there is Helioisk, but it has nothing to do with running across water, so I decided to take another crack at it). In case you missed it in my previous post, I’ll say it again, Ash’s Dashilisk has a crest on its head, which means it is a male. Also, the two moves that the Dashilisk used were Scald and Dragon Claw.


Male                                                 Female

Classification: The Water Walking Pokémon
Type: Water
Description: Dashilisk combine their agility and body adaptations with special body movements, which allows them to run across water, a trait unique to this Pokémon. They are normally shy Pokémon, making them rare to be seen by humans.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Dashilisk is based off of the real world basilisk lizard. Just as Dashilisk can, the basilisk lizard can run across water using its unique physiology. The crest on Ash’s Dashilisk means that it’s a male.