Episode 61 Review

Alright, I admit that this episode was far overdue. I’ve been dangling this Sunny Day thing for quite a while now. It’s been 26 episodes since Turtsol “learned” Sunny Day, and that’s almost half the entire series. The reason I’ve been handling this move so strangely is because Sunny Day is a major power boost to Turtsol, and I need an excuse for why it isn’t using it every single battle. This episode served the primary purpose of justifying my excuse in the context of the story. The other thing this episode does was the Cosmic Quest premier of Castform’s Moonlit Form. A minor, but noteworthy contribution to the series. For those who haven’t seen Moonlit Castform before, check it out under the new weather section of the New Mechanics/Features page.

Castform Moonlit Form


With the new Full Moon weather condition, Castform gains the new Moonlit Form. This form is a Dark-Type. Castform’s move set has been updated to account for this new form.

New Moves: Shadow Play, Moonlit Night, and Lunar Beam