Episode 71 Review

First off, I would like to note that a review for Chapter 2 of the Cosmic Chronicles is coming soon. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Right down to the episode’s title, this episode was meant to be a sequel to the episode A Bird in the Hand, where Ash first captured Apprentichick. Having Falcoknight evolve into its final form while finally getting its rematch against Pidgeot was a poetic idea that I had all the way back when I first wrote A Bird in the Hand.  I had yet to plan the excursion of Professor Pine’s Astro Camp, but I did know that Ash would eventually have to return to Tenno Minor in order to battle the Crater Town Gym, so I knew the opportunity for a sequel episode would certainly be there. Of course, the episode couldn’t be solely focused around a battle between the newly-evolved Eagladiator and Pidgeot, so that’s where Team Rocket comes in handy as always, allowing me to turn a half-formed episode concept into an actual episode.


Episode 71: Two in the Bush

Could my posting schedule actually be back to normal? I don’t know! What I do know is that episode 71 is here.

The time has come for a return to Aster Town, the location where Ash first met Falcoknight as an Apprentichick, waiting for them is Falcoknight’s chance for a rematch, one that will test all of its skills and abilities that it has developed since leaving Aster Town.

Also, the Tenno Pokédex and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.



Classification: The Knighted Bird Pokémon
Type: Flying/Fighting
Description: After spending their youth doing nothing but training, Falcoknight are very proficient fighters. They can attack with jabs from their sharpened talons, or even punch like attacks from their wings.
Evolves from Apprentichick at level 17 and into Eagladiator at level 36

Trivia: Falcoknight are masters of aerial combat, but also train to ensure that they can maneuver proficiently on land. They sharpen their talons against stones every day to ensure a maximum powered Talon Grapple attack. In medieval times, they would be used for falconry hunting, or as assistants to knights.

Also, Ash’s team pose on the Character Description page has been updated to include this new image.

Episode 3 Review

As normal, this episode featured the capture of the “Basic Bird Pokémon” of the region he’s in, continuing the theme from his Piddgeotto, Noctowl, Tailow, Starly, Pidove, and Fletchling. Aprentichick’s Talon Grapple attack is its evolutionary line’s signature move. It is my first example of a Combo-Type move (for more information on those, see the New Mechanics page), being both a Flying and Fighting-Type move. This episode also featured my first attempt at a “Who’s that Pokémon!?” As I said in the story, I was trying it out for fun, and I think I liked it enough to keep on doing it. Sorry if you think it’s too silly.

Episode 3: A Bird in the Hand

Episode 3 is now out. It can be read here.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda travel to Aster Town, in hopes of signing Ash up for the Tenno League. Once there, they have an encounter with an unruly Apprentichick, which challenges every Pokémon it sees. Ash makes it his mission to understand this unusual Pokémon.

The Pokédex and Attackdex have been updated accordingly.

Update: The Attackdex and Abilitydex page has just been updated with some interesting information, along with the addition of a new page on a new Pokémon type, the Light-Type. Check them out.