Cosmic Destiny Chapter 16 Review

With this episode, we reach the finale of the fugitive arc. The pacing of this episode was a bit different, as I decided to fit in two dungeons into one episode, as well as to focus more on the boss fight than the dungeon for the first. The Celestial Hall dungeon in gameplay would really be more of a playable cutscene where you explore a small dungeon which is seemingly completely empty. This works better in gameplay than in writing, so unlike most dungeons, the Celestial Hall didn’t get an episode of its own.

With the Fugitive arc coming to an end, one of the primary goals here was to firmly establish Aegislash’s place on Team Nova. It’s easy to say he’s the unofficial third member, but it needed to be proven. We’d already seen him developing a relationship with Turcell, and as of the reveal last episode, we learned that he already has a pre-established friendship as well. So what we really needed was some relationship building with Kappaqua to make him truly feel like a part of the team.

The final scene with the Cosmic Architect was carefully crafted to reveal the information we need to know going into the finale arc, without giving away too much. There’s still many secret left to be revealed, but things begin to become clear here. Interestingly, despite talking about the Cosmic Architect for nearly eight years now, this was its first appearance. Can’t say I wanted to do an awkward partial reveal in my secondary spin-off series, but the plot didn’t leave me with much room. More on the Cosmic Architect will come soon.

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