Prologue: Mirror, Mirror

Team Rocket Takeover V Stamp Slanted

Yuni Oha: Okay, there’s just one thing I don’t understand. Scratch that. There are a lot of things I don’t understand, but one sticks out. What’s this important “mission” you keep talking about?

James: Thanks for asking, that gives the perfect narrative reason to launch into some exposition!

Previously on Team Rocket’s Journey (After the Previous Previously that we Previously Said Previously About):

[Jessie, James, and Meowth are hiding behind a shelf of Pokéballs in The Master’s layer in the void between universes.]

Jessie: [Stomach rumbles] Guys, I’m starving.

Meowth: [Rubs stomach while it rumbles] It’s been hours since that portal swallowed us up, and in that time we’ve had nothing to swallow ourselves…

James: [Shushes them] Guys, we have to be quiet. If that maniac Master Twerp comes back and notices us here, we’re in big trouble. That guy has a Mewtwo!

[The sound of a portal opening echoes through the room. Team Rocket instantly quiet down.]

Meowth: [Straining to see] Is that…us…?


Mirror Jessie: Come, my compatriots, we have to begin the work of returning all these Pokémon to the worlds they belong.

Mirror James: The multiverse has reset itself from everything The Master did before he destroyed those worlds, but all his actions before he started blowing up entire worlds to wipe out different versions of Ash are still in place, including all the Legendary Pokémon he forcefully captured.

Mirror Meowth: [Sighs] Should we really be focusing on this when the multiverse is still in danger? If we don’t get Team Rocket Prime back to their world, nothing good could come of it.

Mirror Jessie: Don’t forget, we have no ide where they could be in the multiverse. Maybe we’ll find them while returning the captured Pokémon.

Jessie: [Whispers] Did you hear that?

Meowth: It sounds like the multiverse will be destroyed if the original versions of Team Rocket aren’t found. I know. We should find them.

James: Why us? That sounds like an awfully heroic thing for the villains to do.

Meowth: Simple. The multiverse being destroyed means our world being destroyed. Our world being destroyed means the Boss being destroyed. If we save the multiverse, we save the Boss. That means big rewards.

Jessie: I’m in.

James: I suppose it makes sense, but how do we travel to other worlds? We lost our pan-dimensional super-conduit generator last year. [Stomach rumbles loudly]

Mirror James: Huh? What was that?

Meowth: We’re busted! Nab their conduit generator.

[Team Rocket jumps Mirror Team Rocket, takes their pan-dimensional super-conduit generator and activates it.]

Jessie: Where are we going?

Meowth: I know a place we can use as our base. Come on!

Mirror Team Rocket: Stop!

Meowth: Adios!

[Team Rocket disappears into the portal.]

And Now, the Continuation of the Continuation:

Yuni Oha: Wait, so if you don’t find Team Rocket Prime, the original versions of Team Rocket, the entire multiverse will collapse? [Pauses momentarily] Wait! My world is in the multiverse!

James: So, will you join our cause?

Yuni Oha: [Sighs] I don’t think I have much choice…

Jessie: You want to know what else isn’t a choice? The Team Rocket Q&A Session! Don’t forget to ask your questions!

1 thought on “Prologue: Mirror, Mirror

  1. Question for James. Is there any sort of significance behind the rose that you hold in many of your mottos and other appearances? It even seems to be frequent across the multiverse. I know that Jessie mentions a rose in one variation of the motto. Any connection?

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