Cosmic Destiny Chapter 15 Review

Now that we’re ramping things up in the story, this chapter is where we finally start to get details on the secrets the series has been hiding, the biggest of which being the revelation of Yin-Yang-Xing as a human and previous friend and enemy of Turcell’s.

The twist of having another human-turned Pokémon was an aspect of this story I very much liked. We see a hint of it with Gengar in Rescue Team, but Gengar having been a human is only barely connected to the main story and is rather underused as a plot point. He also has little to do with the player character. Here we take full advantage of the twist by having Yin-Yang-Xing not only acting as a main antagonist, but also having a personal connection to Turcell.

We also learn that Aegislash was Turcell’s partner when he was a human. I’ll admit that this is heavily borrowed from Grovyle’s character in Explorers. The hope is that the character is handled different enough that he doesn’t come off as a carbon-copy, especially given the fact that he was also partners with Yin-Yang-Xing, giving a different aspect to his character than Grovyle.

Another similarity to existing games we have here is the battle with Team Hero, mirroring Rescue Team’s battle with Team A.C.T. The biggest difference here (or rather, in my game concept) is that Team Hero is actually faced as a boss battle, where Team A.C.T. is only fought in a cutscene. Additionally, I tried to make the battle more impactful than what we saw in Rescue Team. In Rescue Team, Team A.C.T. got little to no character development. They also have little personal connection with the player character and partner, making the fight not as meaningful as it could have been. We were constantly told they were the greatest rescue team, but we never saw them in action. I spent a three episode arc getting to know Team Hero. We see why they’re the best. We learn their history. They become Team Nova’s friends and mentors. All of this combines to hopefully make the moment where the two teams are forced to fight all the more tragic.

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