An Unfortunate Announcement Regarding the Team Rocket Movie Sprite Animation

Last year I released the feature-length sprite animation version of The Team Rocket Movie. This video was a passion project for me, and took me more than six months of hard and dedicated work to complete. About a month ago the YouTube video stopped receiving any views. Only last week did I learn that this was because the video was no longer visible to the public. When I first posted the video to YouTube, I was warned it contained certain pieces of copyrighted music, specifically the background music from Team Rocket’s Alola motto, which was based on a Japanese Team Rocket vocal track from Kalos. However, YouTube told me at the time that I was allowed to use this music with the stipulation that the video would not be visible in Japan. As the video was in English, I decided this would not matter, so I was okay with the limitation.

Fast forward to last month, and the parameters of the copyright claim on the music has changed. The video can now no longer be viewed in practically every English-speaking country there is. For all intents and purposes, the video was dead.

For the past week I have spent all my free time investigating alternative solutions. Replacing the track with other music didn’t work, as this time YouTube slammed me with many more copyright claims, most of them much more severe than the original. I attempted to search for alternate websites to post to, but no video hosting website besides YouTube both allowed me to upload an hour and half long video while also allowing said video to be embedded into a WordPress page for this blog. I even tried uploading the video to Face Book, only to find that Face Book has a similar copyright check process to YouTube. With a heavy heart, I must now admit defeat. The only way to keep the video alive and not waste the countless hours of my life poured into the project was to partially mute the portions of the video with the offending track, leaving a total of four scenes with no music whatsoever. There simply was no other choice.

This saddens me immensely, both as it is a drastic drop in quality, which I pride myself in providing, and it is no longer an accurate representation of the vision I had when creating the movie. I solemnly request of you, if you ever watch this video, to forgive me for the lack of quality and to please try your hardest to give the video the benefit of the doubt and not hold these portions against it. Sorry and thank you.

Thankfully, the original version of the Team Rocket Movie isn’t completely dead. Click this link to view the movie as a Google Drive file. It’s not optimal in the slightest, but at least it’s something. Unfortunately, it seems to take quite a while to load the video when viewing it through this method.

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