Episode 128 Review

It was actually never my intention to write a tie-in episode for New Pokémon Snap. I typically reserve tie-in specials for major releases that are significant to the Pokémon brand. Nothing against it, but Pokémon Snap isn’t quite that. However, I had been considering an episode featuring Todd Snap ever since the beginning of Cosmic Quest, and I only recently realized that New Pokémon Snap provided the perfect opportunity. Todd is an interesting character. Despite never being a main character, he travelled with Ash for multiple episodes in a row not once, but twice. No other non-main character has that distinction. For that reason alone, I was interested in bring him back once more (though I couldn’t afford it to be for multiple episodes in a row this time).

Since I wasn’t planning on bringing in Todd until such late notice, I didn’t have a plan for his episode. What I did know I wanted to do was have an episode featuring Velocivity in a more prominent role, so that we could get to know it better and have Ash becomes friends with it. Seeing as Velocivity would very possibly be the single hardest Pokémon to get a photo of, I realized that it would be a perfect fit in a Todd episode.

I had also decided I wanted to make this episode more comedic than others, to help give it some life. One joke I had was Brenda calling Todd by his last name, Snap. This joke is a fairly deep cut, referring to an interesting story regarding Todd. In the original dubbing process of Todd’s first episode, they named him Snap, as that was the default name of the playable character in Pokémon Snap. But soon before the release in the US they realized this may lead to copyright issues with (of all things) Rice Krispies, as one of their mascots was named Snap (as in Snap, Krackle, and Pop). So they renamed Snap to Todd, but only in the US TV version. Todd was retained the name Snap in other English-speaking countries and DVD releases of the episode. Later on down the line, the Pokémon official website referred to the character as Todd Snap, retconning things to make it so that Todd was his first name and Snap was his last. The joke here is that Brock keeps telling Brenda that no one calls him Snap, since to anyone growing up in America, no one did.

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