A Crossover More Ambitious than Infinity War

Team Rocket Takeover IV Stamp Slanted

James: [Looks proudly over the ensemble cast Team Rocket has assembled] This is it. We’ve done it. We have shown that we are the masters of the multiverse by gathering the most diverse cast of characters to ever stand together in one room. Forget Smash Bros. Forget Avengers. This is the real crossover.

Meowth: It is a beautiful thing.

Yuni Oha: And it all ends here!

Jessie: Yuni Oha!? How did you get back here!?

Yuni Oha: With a little help from my friends.

[Mirror Team Rocket appear behind him]

Yuni Oha: Now, you’re going to give me back my website.

Jessie, James, and Meowth: [Cracks up in laughter]

James: Yeah right! Have you seen who we have on our side! You can’t possibly stop us!

Yuni Oha: You’re not the only one with powerful allies. [Looks back to Mirror James] Do it.

Mirror James: Gladly. [Presses button on super-conduit generator]

[One-by-one, new characters begin to appear. First it’s Rainbow Rocket Giovanni]

Jessie and James: The Boss!?

[Then Blanche of Team Mystic, followed by Ganondorf, Sonic the Hedgehog, Seto Kaiba, Zuko, Ronin the Accuser, the Reverse Flash, Luke Skywalker, and finally a Borg drone]

James: So it has a come to this. An all-out multiversal war for the fate of the website. [Looks back to the characters Team Rocket has gathered] We will not lose!

Yuni Oha: And neither will we! For Cosmic Quest!

Jessie and James: For Team Rocket!

[Both sides rush at the other and engage in combat. Red ends up battling against Blanche, Red using Charizard and Blanche using Articuno. Nearby, Cliff is battling with Giovanni, and doesn’t seem happy about it. Cliff uses Shadow Tyranitar against Giovanni’s Rhyperior. Elsewhere, Link and Luke Skywalker lock blades, with the Master Sword able to withstand a lightsaber. Similarly, Darth Vader is locked in combat against Ganondorf. Suddenly something streaks by. It’s The Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog trading blows as they run at incredible speeds. They run across the battlefield, passing by another pair running at high speeds, Shadow and the Reverse Flash. Yugi has ended up in battle against Zuko. Despite what Meowth speculated earlier, Yugi has summoned the Dark Magician to his side, and uses it combat Zuko’s flames. Sokka was stuck battling against the Borg Drone, and seems to be having a tough time, as his boomerang is unable to penetrate the drone’s personal forcefield. Despite Jessie’s reluctance to let it go, Groot has escaped, only to end up in a fight with Kaiba and his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. At first Kaiba seems to have the upper hand, but Groot attacks by growing massive vines and knocking the dragon away. The final pair of combatants on the field is Spock and Ronin. Spock manages to dodge Ronin’s hammer assault, and take several well-aimed shots with his phaser.]

James: [Looks over the battlefield with hands on hips] This is the greatest moment in all of nerd history, and it’s happening because of me.

[The battle rage on, neither side able to gain a decisive advantage over the other.]

Meowth: I think it’s time we send in our trump card.

James: Do it.

[Mewtwo suddenly flies into fray, unleashing Shadow Balls in every direction. But he is quickly countered by the appearance of Mirror Mewtwo, who strikes back.]

Meowth: Okay, how about our other trump card?

James: The nuclear option. [Looks around] I don’t think I we have a choice. [Snaps fingers]

Blacklight: [Suddenly appears] For the apples!

[Blacklight enters the battle, but once again Mirror Team Rocket are ready. They call upon Chaos the Hedgehog, another Sonic OC from The Chaos Project.]

Yuni Oha: This has gone on long enough. They’re all properly distracted. Do it.

Mirror Meowth: My pleasure! [Activates giant version of the super-conduit generator. All at once, every character from another universe except Team Rocket disappears]

Jessie: [In horror] Groooooooooooot! You monsters! What have you done!?

Mirror Jessie: We sent them all back to where they belong. And you’re next.

James: No! You can’t stop us so easily! This is our- [Cut off by being forcefully sent back to their world]

Yuni Oha: [Sigh of relief] Phew. I’m glad that’s behind me. Thanks guys, you really helped out.

Mirror James: Think nothing of it. For wherever there’s evil in the multiverse, Team Rocket will be there to make everything better.

Yuni Oha: I will never get used to hearing that.

[Mirror Team Rocket returns home, leaving Yuni alone]

Yuni Oha: [Looks over the destruction around the battlefield and makes sudden realization] My house!

3 thoughts on “A Crossover More Ambitious than Infinity War

  1. Total Sins: 150
    Team Rocket Takeover 5: The Musical

    Well, that was… intense. So being a jerk as an April Fool’s joke was fun. But I’m so glad to see you’re okay, Yuni. I wasn’t worried for a moment. We all knew you’d find a way back. Happy April Fool’s day! Now I gotta go to work in the morning, so, good night!


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