Mystery Dungeon Chapter 7: The Expedition Part III: Secrets and Lies

The Expedition Arc comes to a close in this dramatic third part. Read it here.

With directions from the recently rescued Yin-Yang-Xing, Teams Hero and Nova head for a planet that supposedly houses the largest of the Maelstrom’s mysterious gravity towers. Hoping to find answers, Team Nova, along with Lucario to help them out, set off in search of the tower, but what they find is so much more.

Also, the Cosmic Destiny Character Guide, Dungeon Listings, and Pokédex pages have all been updated accordingly.

And on a very special note, I am pleased to announce that as of this episode, I have now fully revealed 100 original Tenno Pokémon. This is counting only new Pokémon, not Mega Evolutions or Tennoan Forms, and also not counting Pokémon that have been named through evolution lines, but not officially revealed, meaning there’s still plenty more left where those came from. I am immensely proud of this accomplishment, and also happy to know I was able to beat out the smaller regions in term of Pokémon count, such as Kalos, Alola, and Galar.

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