Edit: The update has been completed. All in-depth Pokédex pages, including Tennoan Forms, now feature Evolution moves and move tutor moves (if applicable).

Look to the bottom of this post for an major update happening to this website right now!

Classification: The Dark Matter Pokémon
Type: Dark/Ghost
Description: Its body is made entirely out of dark matter, meaning that almost nothing can interact with it, even light, if it chooses so. It will use this ability to stalk its prey.
Evolves from Wimpish at level 34

Trivia: Like Wimpish, the only way to detect a Machogre when it makes itself invisible is gravity. Machogre spend practically their entire lives invisible and intangible, only turning tangible when they need to eat or interact with their environment. A large-scale gravity survey performed by Team Planetary showed that Wimpish and Machogre live just about anywhere, and could be lurking at almost any given corner.

Name Etymology: Machogre’s name comes from combining the terms MACHO with ogre. Like Wimpish, this name comes from combing the acronym for a type of dark matter with a fantasy creature. MACHO stands for Massive Compact Halo Object. Were WIMPs are a pretty exotic and weird form of matter, MACHOs are much more mundane. Instead of being composed of a special type of matter that doesn’t interact with regular matter and light, they’re simply objects made of regular mass that emit little to no radiation, and exist well away from any sources of radiation, making them practically impossible to detect outside of their gravity. It’s a much more “boring” form of dark matter. And yes, Machogre’s lore makes it seem like its made out of WIMPs instead of MACHOs. I took a liberty there to make the Pokémon more interesting.

In-Depth Page

Important Update: In my never-ending quest to make this website as expansive a resource as possible for Tenno Region content, I have begun to implement the next step. I have begun to implement two new types of move learning methods to the individual Pokémon pages. Evolution moves and move tutor moves. Evolution moves is something that I should have added a while back, when they were first created for Sun and Moon. Evolution moves will now be listed on each Pokémon’s page under the level up move set list. Instead of being marked by a level, they will be marked as “Evolution.” They will be placed in order of where the move would be learned assuming the Pokémon evolves at the earliest level possible. So if a Pokémon evolves at level 34, the evolution move will be place between the moves the Pokémon learns at level 32 and 38. As for move tutor moves, I already had a section on some Pokémon beneath the TM/HM sections titles “Special Moves.” These were the special move tutor moves like Blast Burn or Draco Meteor. I will now be turning that section into a generic “Move Tutor” section and adding it to all pages with a new list of move tutor moves which combines the lists of Ultra Sun/Moon, Sword/Shield, and several new Tenno moves. For a complete list of move tutor moves, see the bottom of the New Mechanics/Features page. 

There’s a lot of pages that need updating now, so it will take a while to update them all. Machogre has become the first Pokémon to feature these updates, and I will update the rest in order of their Pokédex number. I will update this post when all Pokémon have been updated.

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