Episode 110 Review

This episode was basically intended to normalize Galar Region stuff to my series, hence the inclusion of both Inteleon and a pre-evolution of Duraludon. The idea for this episode first came to mind soon after seeing Inteleon for the first time. The very first thought was “Wow, this looks like a tall, skinny, and feminine version of Dashilisk.” From that, the idea of having an episode were Dashilisk has a crush on an Inteleon seemed natural. And of course, doing a spy-based episode with Inteleon as the central character seemed like the next logical step.  The easy pun from The Spy who Loved Me further solidified it as a Bond parody.

Now I must admit, I never actually seen a Bond movie before. I’ve of course seen plenty of parodies from various TV shows, so I know the common jokes and stereotypes used,but I couldn’t really make any of my own. Honestly, I think the episode kind of suffered for it. There was only so much I could write that I felt confident would work well in a Bond parody. Had I actually known something about Bond movies first hand, then I probably could have come up with a better episode.

Of final note is Soludon. In Sword and Shield’s pre-release, I was absolutely certain that Duraludon was going to be just like Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, etc. before it, and be the third stage dragon of the region. I was certain, that I just assumed it as fact, so suffice it to say that I was extremely surprised to learn that Duraludon was a single-stage Pokémon. I quickly decided that I should rectify this issue and give it a pre-evolution of my own. This works out nicely too, as I’ve somewhat neglected Baby Pokémon, having only put out Honbee so far.

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