Regarding Pokémon Sol Version

If you haven’t seen last week’s special announcement yet, be sure to watch the video first!

So, what just happened? I’ll tell you what happened, I just announced that Pokémon Sol Version is in the process of being made into an actual game. Three years ago I discovered the program RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials add-on. With these tools at my disposal, I learned to create an actual Pokémon fan game. After much work and preparation, it is now, on Cosmic Quest’s fifth anniversary, that I am ready to announce this game.

So yes, eventually I will be able to share with you the game concept I created many years ago that would eventually become the basis for Cosmic Quest. To be completely transparent, this game is still a long ways off. I’ve been working on it for just over three years, and yet I’m only half-way done with the main story. And once that’s done, I still have to build the expansive post-game portion of the game. It will be at least several years until you will actually be able to play Sol Version, but I hope to make the wait worth it. Perhaps someday (not anytime soon) I will make a demo available to hold you over.

Now, you might be wondering, why Sol Version? Why not Luna and Terra first? The answer is simply that Sol Version is the definitive version of the Tenno Region, and I saw no reason to make the inferior Luna and Terra.

It is important to note that RPG Maker and Pokémon Essentials has its limits, and I’m no professional coder, therefore some of the concepts listed on this website for Luna, Terra, and Sol will not be able to make it in to the actual game. For example, I am currently unable to implement the mechanic of Pokémon having two abilities at once. In a perfect world, this feature would be in Sol Version, but I just can’t make it happen. Such concepts will remain on this website, as this is still a website for my concepts, whether realized or unrealized, but will not appear in the final product of the game.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information regarding Sol Version. Also, check out the new page for a more detailed description of the game.

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