Classification: The Execution Pokémon
Type: Dark/Steel
Description: Only the strongest Bisharp with the sharpest blades evolve into Guilloking. While a Bisharp commands a group of Pawniard, they, in turn, answer to a Guilloking.
Evolves from Bisharp by trading while holding a Whetstone

Trivia: Guilloking will spend much of its day sitting on a makeshift throne and sharpening its blades. From its throne it will strategically command its Bisharp and Pawniard underlings. It does not except failure, and is swift and cruel in the punishments it hands out. When two Guilloking meet, their armies do battle. The battle only stops when one side takes out the other’s Guilloking. The victorious Guilloking takes control over what remains of its opponent’s army.

In-Depth Page

Also, the Whetstone has been added to the New Items Page. Whetstone

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