Mega Ferntress

Mega Ferntress
Description: The ferns that encompass Ferntress now grow even stronger and gain additional strength by weaving into armor plating, increasing its Defense and Special Defense. The shields on its arms are the strongest points on its body. Its lower legs have also grown quite strong, so that it may better withstand incoming attacks.
Mega Stone: Ferntrite Ferntressite
Type: Grass/Ground
Mega Ability: Bulletproof

Trivia: The claws on Mega Ferntress’ feet can dig down into the ground, to help it withstand incoming attacks without being forced back. While it may be able to walk on two legs after Mega Evolving, its large and bulky body is not optimized for this kind of movement. Therefore, its preference is to stand absolutely still and block any incoming attacks instead of dodging.


12 thoughts on “Mega Ferntress

  1. If you read the post, you wouldn’t need to ask the question. The post makes it very clear what the Pokémon is. Please, in the future, try to read the post before asking me what it’s about.


  2. Please don’t contest me. I have explained to you several times over why some of your comments are deleted, and I have already asked you on many occasions not to re-post the comments that I have deleted. In this case, I deleted your comment because it was completely unnecessary. There is no reason to point out that this is Mega Ferntress. Everyone knows that. The same goes for your comment on Yuifoe. I consider such unnecessary comments to be spam, and I delete them. In the future, I will not respond to comments such as these. This is your last explanation.


    • You don’t have to leave the same comment three times.

      Anyways, I’m still on break for another half a month. Depending on my school schedule, the movie will take another two weeks or so after that.


    • I think you misunderstood. First it’s another half a month, and then two weeks after that. So we’re still about a month away, and it could take more depending on my school schedule.


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