Cosmic Quest’s 3rd Anniversary and Sol Version

Two years ago today, on Cosmic Quest’s 1st Anniversary, I made Luna and Terra Versions that much closer to a reality by releasing their cover art. For the longest time now I have talked about Sol Version, the “third version” of my “generation,” but until now I have done little to make it exist. That ends now, on Cosmic Quest’s 3rd Anniversary. I proudly present the cover art of Pokémon Sol Version.

Sol Version

There are three things to note from this artwork. Perhaps most obvious is that no longer are my games confined to the 3DS, they have switched over to the Nintendo Switch. But Sol Version isn’t the only game moving to the Switch. Luna and Terra have also both been officially moved as well. Look to the bottom of this post for their new cover art.

The second thing you might notice is that the cover Pokémon bears a striking resemblance to Heliosol, and yet that’s not quite what it is. What could this Pokémon be? Is it perhaps some sort of alternate form of Heliosol? Only time will tell.

Finally, you may notice that the logo on this cover is not the same Sol Version Logo I’ve been displaying. That is because I have redesigned all three of my games’ logos, making them much more unique, complex, and pretty. Take note that Luna and Terra also have new logos.

In addition to this cover art, the site has gotten some upgrades to go with the “release” of Sol Version. A new page has been added to detail the Battle Final Frontier, Tenno’s version of the Battle Frontier. Also, the Tenno Region and New Features/Mechanics pages have been updated with Sol Version information, including a description of the return of the Pokémon World Tournament. Finally, as a special bonus, I have created yet another new page. This one is a gallery page, which features all of the various piece of art that I make for this website, but have nothing else to do with, and nowhere else to put them after they serve their purpose. Check it out.

As promised, here are the new Luna and Terra Version covers. If you wish to compare them to the original 3DS versions, those images can now be found in the Gallery page.
Luna Version
Terra Version

Thank you all for a great three years! And here’s to hoping the future will be even better!


6 thoughts on “Cosmic Quest’s 3rd Anniversary and Sol Version

    • Okay. Now that was pretty good. What if Pokemon Cosmic Quest will be air on the next one until 2020 right here on Cartoon Network after everything are done whole years later already right here in the future.


      • Yeah that could happen bring the previous designs back and with the new Pokémon! Boy it would be a awesome season!


      • I know that one. I want Pokemon Cosmic Quest to be on Cartoon Network so they can come back already make it reboot after being cancel until this is the final saga of the episode all I care about all of them. Pokemon 5th generation is horrible, 6th generation is boring and 7th generation is terrible because of Brock who is already become a Pokemon Doctor.


    • Okay then. I wish there must be someway to make a good schedule until Ash and friends will be coming back on Cartoon Network make it reboot for 8th generation is such a good idea after they are being cancelled already so guess that’s mean I’ll use them right here in the future of the Tenno region until at long last my quest has finally come to an end while the old Cartoon Cartoons show are going to be comes back on Cartoon Network 1990 for The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack and Scooby Doo Where Are You to use this one with all of them.


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