Episode 81: Keeping Your Friends Close

Episode 81 is here at last. Read it here.

With all but one of their Pokémon missing and trapped together in a cave full of hostile Pokémon, Ash and Cosmo are forced to team up in order to get out. While fighting through their differences, they find something strange is going on in the cave which they have landed in.


4 thoughts on “Episode 81: Keeping Your Friends Close

  1. Now that’s what I call a episode of Pokemon Cosmic Quest when Ash and Cosmo are still stuck here together until Brenda, Brock and Braydon must to search for them so they can continues on for the next Pokemon gym and Pokemon contest right here in the Tenno region. I can’t to see what will happen next.


    • Yeah me too, but I’m wondering what were those goo like phantoms! Something tells me Ash is in for the fight of his life!


  2. But what were those phantom like Mega Pokémon anyway? That’s kinda creepy and scary! Probably an alien life form! But there is one similar character from a bad video game that comes out of a similar substance! Mephiles the Dark from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006!


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