Episode 79: War of the Worlds

Check out Episode 79 here!

It’s finally time for Ash’s battle against Allen for his 5th Tenno Gym Badge. In order to best use his two new Pokémon, Allen decides to challenge Ash to a double battle, and he has a few surprise up his sleeves too.

Also, Allen and the Crater Gym has been added to the Tenno League page.


5 thoughts on “Episode 79: War of the Worlds

  1. I have a feeling things are going to get chaotic. The battle for the 5th badge is gonna be tough. I played Pokémon before and I know that the Gym Leaders get harder to beat.


    • What’s taking the Pokemon Cosmic Quest episode so long? I want to see some more new Pokemon that’s looks like Kappaqua’s final evolution.


    • I’m glad that both of you are so eager to read the next chapter of my story, but writing an episode takes time, and I have been extremely busy with college lately. It is bad enough to the point that I cannot give you any prediction as to when the next episode will come. At the very least, it will probably take another week, but it could, and probably will, take longer. Sorry.


      • That’s ok we can wait a week. I hope you get finished in time with collage in your hair. Besides a good education is important for a person’s future.


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