Pokémon Cosmic Quest The Movie 2

Movie 2 Poster

Announcing: Pokémon Cosmic Quest The Movie 2, the anticipated sequel to Myoken, the Guiding Light! Coming soon to a website near you!

This exciting movie follows Ash, Brock, and Brenda on an out-of-this world adventure where they meet the Legendary Pokémon Heliosol.

Stay tuned for more details!

(Also of note, the poster provides the first artwork of Brock in his Cosmic Quest clothes.)


12 thoughts on “Pokémon Cosmic Quest The Movie 2

  1. I wonder is this has to do with that strange Pokémon on that unknown Planet from the near the last movie fanfic. I hope you cross is over Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. I’m a huge Sonic fan for that I grew up with Sonic and Pokémon. Sonic’s voice from Sonic X who is Jason Griniff had appeared in a few Pokémon episodes and one of the protagonists in the Black & White series. Think about it Sonic and his friends teaming up with our Heroes to save the world from evil.


    • Well, we do have a strange and unknown planet eclipsing the Sun in the poster…

      And I’m just going to bluntly tell you that I am never going to cross my story over with Sonic. I am a fan of the Sonic franchise, but I don’t write crossovers. Cosmic Quest is meant to feel like it’s a real part of the Pokemon anime, and the real Pokemon anime would never crossover with Sonic, therefore Cosmic Quest will never crossover with Sonic (or anything else for that matter).


      • Man. Aw well if it won’t happen so it won’t. But will ash and his friends head into space. I bet they’ll might encounter an evil alien race planning an invasion just the Metirex from Sonic X Season 3.


    • I wonder if there is going to be a outer space battle because I found a remix of Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 and it sounds amazing! Check it out.


  2. When is the next episode and when the movie is gonna be out? I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen! Save the world, enter the great unknown beyond the world, or maybe save the planet from a alien invasion!


    • Unfortunately I have been a bit backed up when it comes to making sprites lately, so it’s taking longer than it normally would to get them up. Kappaquarius’ sprite is currently being worked on and will hopefully not take too much longer, but I can’t give you a solid estimate either. Sorry.


  3. I wonder what that strange planet has to do with blocking the sun. I was thinking maybe the Celestial Gem might be the reason why that planet appeared. I have a bad feeling someone must of did it on purpose to get the Legendary Pokémon to come out. Could aliens from a another planet must of set their sights on Earth!


  4. I wonder who’s responsible for the Celestial Gem’s disappearance? I think it’s a intergalactic alien super villain. Just a wild guess you know.


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