Episode 72 Review

First off, remember that Cosmic Chronicles Review I promised last time? Sorry about that, I’ve been too busy to get around to it. Hopefully I’ll have it up within the next two days.

As you are well aware by now, this episode was the first of a multi-episode space camp arc. I was inspired to write these episodes by the fact that it seems like almost every region has its own summer camp arc of some kind, such the ones seen in the Sinnoh episode Camping it Up, or the Kalos episode Summer of Discovery. However, this being the Tenno Region, obviously that summer camp had to be a space camp instead. And on that train of thought, what better way to start off a space camp experience than actually travelling into outer space? That’s pretty much the origin of the episode’s plot.

Speaking of the Cosmic Chronicles from earlier, another important factor of this episode was the introduction of the character Braydon to Cosmic Quest. If you haven’t read the Cosmic Chronicles (which you really should), then you should know that Braydon first appeared in Chapter 2 of the Cosmic Chronicles. Braydon originates as the rival in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions. As such, he is automatically linked to the character Brandon from Cosmic Chronicles, as he is the main playable character, so it was natural to introduce him there. But like other rivals from the game, such as Gary, Barry, and Bianca, it made sense to also introduce him to Cosmic Quest as a rival for Ash. As Braydon came from Launch Town, the space camp arc seemed like the perfect way to bring him into Cosmic Quest, and since the episode of Cosmic Chronicles took place immediately before this episode, it was the perfect way to make a connection between the two series. Braydon is actually the first major connection to be made.


5 thoughts on “Episode 72 Review

  1. Hey, since Sun and Moon appeared in a previous chapter with Solgaleo and Lunala, I was wondering if any characters from Alola are going to make appearances? Or are you going to have the Ultra Beasts appear throughout the story? Since Tenno deals with space, why not have aliens appear as well.


    • The Sun and Moon anime is an official part of the Pokemon canon, and since my story follows official canon, they are part of the same continuity, so anything that appears in Sun and Moon is fair game for appearance in Cosmic Quest. That being said, I have yet to make any specific plans, but I do enjoy writing the returns of previous characters, so it is a safe assumption that other characters from Sun and Moon will appear. As for Ultra Beasts, while it is possible, it is also much less likely. As they are right now, we know too little about Ultra Beasts for me to want to put them in my story, and we know absolutely nothing about how the anime will treat them. Also, while they may be aliens, they’re not quite space aliens, so it’s not the best fit for Tenno, except maybe Celesteela. Regardless, only the future can tell what is in store for Cosmic Quest.


      • Okay, just wondering if you had any plans for the inclusion of any characters or Ultra Beasts from Sun and Moon. But if Gladion appears in the Sun and Moon anime and he had a cameo in a photo with Lusamine, would he appear in Cosmic Quest after his anime debut?


  2. It’s impossible to say right now. If he does appear in the sun and Moon anime for real, then he is fair game to appear in Cosmic Quest, but it would also depend on what he’s like in the anime. I would need a good excuse to have him appear in Cosmic Quest, as I;m not just going to do it for the heck of it. Gladion is my favorite character in Sun and Moon, so if I can, I would certainly enjoy bringing him to Cosmic Quest.


    • Then let’s both look forward to his debut in the anime if it happens. I’ve been dying to see what his Type: Null looks in the anime and what his personality would be in comparison to Pikachu. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when it gets to that point.


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