Episode 65: Fight and Flight

And so the two month post drought comes to an end. Heh heh…sorry about that…

Normally I would first post a review of the previous episode, but in all honesty it’s been much too long since I wrote it to give any good insight. Sorry about that too…

But, rejoice, for Cosmic Quest is not dead! The wait is finally over and episode 65 is out and can be found here.

When Brenda learns that one of her favorite events is being held back in her home town, a dilemma is presented to Ash and the gang. Do they travel all the way back to Tenno Minor for Brenda’s sake, or do they keep moving forward? And if they do go back, how do they get back soon enough to make it for Brenda’s event?

Also, the Tenno Pokédex has been updated accordingly.


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