Cosmic Quest’s Second Anniversary

Two years ago today I posted the first chapter of Cosmic Quest and this whole thing began. Sadly, unlike last year where I was able to give you guys the cover artworks of Luna and Terra, I have no special way to celebrate this year. So instead, why don’t we take a look at some of the statistics of Cosmic Quest and Luna, Terra, and Sol Version.

Cosmic Quest Stats:
Episodes: 63
Views: 32,752
Favorites: 76
Follows: 62
Reviews: 106
Total Words: 273,862

Website Stats:
Posts: 189
Pages: 67
Views: 31,717

Tenno Region Stats:
New Pokémon: 50
New Mega Evolutions: 6
New Forms: 3
Characters: 15
New Moves: 85
New Abilities: 28
New Items: 32

So let me take this chance to thank all of you for making this all possible. Here’s hoping the next year is as good as the last.


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