Mahemoth and the Tusk Fossil

Classification: The Mammoth Pokémon
Type: Rock/Ice
Description: During the time of the Ice Age, over 10,000 years ago, Mahemoth could be found all around the world. As the weather began to warm, these Pokémon found themselves unprepared for such climates and soon died completely out.
Evolves from Massodon at level 38

Tusk FossilTusk Fossil: A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived in the snow. It looks as if it could be piece of a tusk.

Trivia: The adaptations of Mahemoth that allow it to live in the cold include a layer of fat and a thick fur coat. If put into warm weather, these two adaptations will cause the Pokémon to quickly overheat, hence the reason for its die-out.

In-Depth Page

Also, images of Halley and the Comet Badge have been posted to the Tenno League page.

5 thoughts on “Mahemoth and the Tusk Fossil

  1. If Mahemoth was from the Ice Age, has this Pokemon ever encountered Mamoswine? Since Mamoswine’s also from the Ice Age, I wonder if these two Pokemon ever met during that time.


    • The two Pokemon would have lived in very similar environments, so encounters between the two would have been likely. The difference between the two is that Mamoswime managed to survive by retreating into mountains while Mahemoth died out completely.


      • I see. Well, I can’t wait to see its pre-evolution down the line. By the way, what would the second Fossil Pokemon be? Since I can see Mahemoth being a physical tank that can take hits and deal it back, would the second Pokemon be the opposite of him? Like a physical sweeper or something like that?


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