Classification: The Psychic Kappa Pokémon
Type: Water/Psychic
Description: This Pokémon is known for its ability to finely manipulate water with its psychic powers. It has been known to have a mischievous nature and use this ability to play tricks on those who get too close to its river home.
Evolves from Kappaqua at level 16 and into Kappaquarius at level 36

Trivia: Kappaqueous is a highly intelligent Pokémon. It uses this intelligence to measure currents in the river it lives in, and will calculate the best place to hide. It is often times said that you do not find a Kappaqueous, but a Kappaqueous finds you, as, if they desire to remain hidden, it is nearly impossible to locate one. The only times they will come out of hiding is to play their pranks.

In-Depth Page 


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