Episode 53 Review

Ivine has an interesting history to it. It was actually one of the first Pokémon I ever created. Originally I called it Ivyna, which was ivy with the -na sound attached to make it sound more like Tangela. Believe it or not, this was before Sinnoh was released (yeah, that’s how long I’ve been making Pokémon for), so Tangrowth didn’t even exist yet, so as far as I was concerned, “Ivyna” was a proper evolution for Tangela. Then I found out about Tangrowth. For the next several years I just turned “Ivyna” into split evolution version of Tangrowth. However in more recent times I wasn’t so certain. “Ivyna,” now called Ivine, was just too different from the rather homogeneous duo of Tangela and Tangrowth. As one of my original designs I didn’t want to ditch it, but it seemed like that might be the best course of action. When it came time to rethink all of the Pokémon that I’ve created in preparation for Cosmic Quest, I was very close to discarding Ivine completely. But then I realized how absolutely perfect a Pokémon Ivine would make for James. Just like Victreebel, Cacnea, and Carnevine before it, Ivine was a Grass-Type that one normally wouldn’t want to touch. Having it become affectionate towards James like the others would be the perfect step up from and call back to the aforementioned Pokémon. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so I kept Ivine. I still had one debate left. I considered the possibility of separating Ivine from Tangela entirely and making it its own Pokémon. I decided against this for two main reasons. One, it would mean another single-stage, non-evolving Pokémon, which I have more than I would like of, and two, it would seem too similar to Tangela in my opinion to not be connected. Not to mention, the evolution via knowing the move Ivy Whip seemed like a perfect parallel to Tangrowth evolving through knowing the move Ancient Power.

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