Episode 52 Review (The Real Thing)

I will admit shamelessly, I wrote this episode solely for the purpose of bringing back as many recurring gags as I could. A talent show gave me the ability to do Pikachu’s faces, Brock’s song (apparently called Brock’s Paradise, I never knew that), and Team Rocket’s song (called Team Rocket Forever, once again, didn’t know that). All three of these are things that I absolutely loved in the past, and knew I wanted to bring back at least once at some point or other. I recently realized that a talent show episode could combine all three, so I went with it. One interesting thing about Brock’s song that you may or may not have noticed was that I messed around with it a little bit. Apparently when the dubbing companies for Pokémon switched, they also switched the lyrics for the song. The original version was the one where Brock sings about his paradise and it was changed to the more jocular version for he declares “For the girls!” I decided to take these two versions and combine them into one, making them two different verses of the same song, hence giving an in-universe explanation for why Brock suddenly changed the lyrics of his song.

The other thing this episode did was finally bring Ryu back. I fully admit that I dropped the ball on him, it’s been way to long since he last appeared. I was trying to avoid overusing him, but in the process I ended up under-using him. Hopefully in the future I’ll strike a better balance and his appearances won’t be so few and far between.


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