Episode 51 Review

So in all honesty I’ve been struggling with Brenda. I have had trouble giving much character beyond her basic personality. My original concept for her was a complete novice who knows almost nothing about Pokémon, and yet is nearly a master at being a Pokémon Coordinator without even trying. But even that hasn’t given her much in the way of character, so ever since her loss at Starside I’ve been trying to give her some personality and a chance to develop further. This episode is the most blatant example of that. She may be a near perfect Pokémon Coordinator, but she’s far from a perfect trainer. She still has a lot to work on, especially her relationship with her Pokémon. And all of this is happening behind the backs of her friends because she is unwilling to go to them for help yet. So suddenly she has transformed from this perfect character with little flaws, to a flawed hero. Only time will tell how she develops from here.


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