Episode 52 Review

Yeah. That’s right. I went there. I canonized MissingNo. I feel it was something that’s just bound to happen, I mean MissingNo. has pretty much become a Pokémon of its own. And with the recent re-release of Red and Blue, it’s more popular than ever right now, so why not turn it into a real Pokémon?

Each part of this episode is inspired by how MissingNo. actually works. The mysterious old man that Ash and friends meet plays the part of the old man that teaches you how to catch Pokémon. Then Ash and the others taking a blimp ride to the coast and then a boat ride along the shore is just like flying to Cinnabar Island and surfing up and down along its coast. It’s no wonder Ash encountered a MissingNo. Ash being buried underneath the massive pile of Pokéballs is of course a reference to the infinite items glitch associated with MissingNo. and Ash’s loss of memory of previous leagues is an adaptation of MissingNo. corrupting the Hall of Fame. The final reference is when reality itself begins to crumble around Ash in the climax. This emulates how MissingNo. would corrupt the sprites of trainers and Pokémon when sent into battle. Oh yeah, one last thing. April Fools.


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