Episode 45 Review

This episode marks the beginning of a special 20th Anniversary arc that will conclude on the day of the anniversary. For a while I had been planning on bringing back Misty for the 20th Anniversary. My original idea was to do it just for one episode. At some point a few weeks ago though, I was thinking about how at least once a region, the show seems to introduce a temporary traveling companion that tags along with Ash and the gang for a few episodes. I figured I should probably make plans to do that at some point. When I started planning for this episode, I was trying to figure out who the side character should be. I figured it would be best for the episode if they were afraid of bugs. Then it clicked. Misty is afraid of bugs, I wanted to bring her in soon anyways, and she would be the perfect candidate for temporary travelling companion. It all fit together perfectly, so I made it happen. In my opinion, Misty’s return is something that really needs to happen at some point. I’m not saying she needs to return as a main character, but whether seeing her in something like Chronicles, or having her return as temporary companion in the show again would be really nice. It’s been so long, and we need to catch up with her.

On the other side of things, I’d like to talk about the design of my new Pokémon, Vespidron. The original idea for Vespidron came to me when I was young. Obviously as a young boy, when I saw that only female Combee could evolve, I thought this was unfair. When I started making my own Pokémon later, Vesidron was one of them. As opposed to going with a more stereotypical “Vespiking,” I thought that a drone would be a better representation of a beehive’s social structure and hence be more believable as a Pokémon. To reference the fact that Vespiquen is both a queen bee and a royal queen in design, I made Vespidron also act as a knight, furthering the analogy between a beehive and medieval society.

Train on!


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