Classification: The Hive Defender Pokémon
Type: Bug/Poison
Description: When a Combee hive needs protection, the ruling Vespiquen will release a special pheromone, inducing Combee to Evolve in order to better protect the hive. Vespidron will sacrifice anything, even themselves, to protect their queen and hive.
Evolves from male Combee by leveling up with a Vespiquen knowing the move Attack Pheromones in the party

Trivia:  In normal day-to-day life in a Combee hive, there is no need for Vespidron soldiers, as they have little to no ability at honey production, so none can be found. But when Vespiquen and the hive needs protection, Combee will Evolve on command. Once their duties defending the hive are through, Vespidron will selflessly leave, as not to be a drain on the hive’s resources. With an ability like Hive Mind, and moves like Helping Hand, Rage Powder, and Swarm Strike, Vespidron battle best in Double and Triple Battles teamed up with other Bug-Types, namely Vespiquen. Especially when said Vespiquen can power it up with moves like Attack, Defense, and Retreat Pheromones.

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