Episode 43 Review

This is a rare episode revolving around Team Planetary that has little grounding in my original Luna, Terra, and Sol story concepts. The Solar Peak is a real location in these games, it’s where you catch the cover legendary of Sol Version (I’m not ready to reveal who it is yet) in Luna and Terra Versions. And in Sol Version, there is an event where you meet see some Team Planetary grunts near the Solar Peak, but nothing near this scale occurs.

The idea for having Liza and Tate come back for an episode came to me early in the creation of this series. I decided that I needed to have evolutions for Lunatone and Solrock, as they are some of the more major cosmic Pokémon already created. I instantly realized that there would be no one better to show off said evolutions than Liza and Tate. I actually watched both episodes with Liza and Tate in them before writing this episode so that I could accurately portray them.


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