Episode 42 Review

Hmm…it’s been so long…let’s see what I can remember.

The way Neutrina battled in this episode was based off of what I see her team being built to do in the games. As she has a team of Poison-Types with many different ways to cause damage over time, I really wanted to emphasize that here. As for the way I had Ash battle, I’m really trying to use gym battles as a way to show off how skilled Ash is, while also showing some growth at the same time. In his first gym battle against Crate, he won using mostly brute force with some minor strategy thrown in. His second battle, against Skyler, demonstrated that Ash can be adaptable. Now, this battle’s purpose was to show that Ash can keep a cool head and make the right choices when he needs to. You can expect this progression to continue as Ash continues his journey to the Tenno League.


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