Classification: The Fission Pokémon
Type: Poison/Electric
Description: Its body is powered by the force of nuclear fission, which is converted into electrical energy. Its skin contains high amounts of lead, so it poses no danger of radiation poisoning to those around it.
Evolves into Nucleactor at level 46

Trivia: The only thing Nucleaction needs to survive is uranium. A small amount of uranium deposited into its nuclear core can allow to survive for several years before it needs to hunt for more fuel. The level that Nucleaction evolves into Nucleactor is 46, which is half of 92, the atomic number of uranium. The only way for the average trainer to obtain a Nucleaction is from a worker at the Starcore Nuclear Power Plant, who gives one away.

In-Depth Page

Also, the Abilitydex has been updated with Nucleaction’s signature ability, Radioactive.


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