Episode 39 Review

The real purpose of this episode was to give some much needed character to both Brenda and Will. Up until this point, I’ve been a little disappointed with my writing for them, as both were just kind of there, but it didn’t mean much. Also, there wasn’t really much substance between their rivalry. This episode gave us the first major display of emotion on both of their parts, intensified their rivalry, and set up future story arcs for them all at the same time. In case you didn’t notice though, I have been leading up to this episode. Brenda has always seemed to like to wing things, just jumping into them without any practice, and she normally does pretty well. This was made even more extreme in the episode Pedal to the Medal, where she outright refused to practice. Conversely, Jessie spent that entire episode practicing, setting her up for her victory in this episode.


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