Episode 37 Review

The point of this episode was to show off the Cycling Road and bikes, as this is the episode that takes place in the location of the Cycling Road in the games. I put two jokes about bikes into this episode. The first was Brenda mentioning she wanted to keep her bike at home so a Pokémon wouldn’t damage it. Ash then says that was probably a good idea. This is a joke on the fact that Misty, May, and Dawn all had their bikes destroyed by Pikachu in a running gag. If Brenda had brought her bike, it’s very likely Pikachu would have destroyed it as well. The other joke was in the bike shop when Ash is outraged at the price of a bike. One kind of ridiculous thing in Pokémon is the fact that you can buy a Pokéball, a miracle of modern technology, for 200 Pokédollars, but a bike costs more money than you could ever hold at one time. I thought it would be funny to address that oddity.


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