Episode 34 Review

I had debated back and forth for a little while about whether or not to give Jessie a new Pokémon. The more the series went on, the more boring it got to have Jessie and James use the same Pokémon over and over again. Finally I decided that Jessie and James needed a new Pokémon. The only problem was, I had no idea what Pokémon to give them. I actually created Buzzsaw purely for the purpose of giving it to Jessie. I thought the idea for Buzzsaw was pretty fun. Not only was the chainsaw stag idea amusing, but the idea of a beetle with chainsaws for mandibles was pretty fun too. On top of that, there really only is one true beetle Pokémon, Heracross, and it’s not quite shaped like a traditional beetle due to its humanoid appearance. I figured that there should be a more traditional beetle Pokémon.


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