Episode 29 Review

The idea for this episode actually originated from my brother. We were talking about ways to introduce Squirrelutton, and he mentioned the idea of having a gang war between a Squirrelutton and Chipmunch and a Snorlax and Munchlax. I liked the idea enough to use it here. One thing I feel needs to be talked about is Ash’s personality in this episode. Normally after the fiasco that was Black and White when it comes to Ash’s personality, I prefer to write Ash as being more serious, and just a little more mature. This episode was an exception, as Ash was crazy about food the entire time. For those who don’t enjoy a silly Ash at all, I apologize, but I felt it was justified here, as Ash has been shown to be major fan of food before, so I wasn’t deviating much from his established personality. I think it allowed for certain amount of comedy that wouldn’t be in this episode otherwise.


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