Episode 26 Review

Finally I got around to writing a Brock-based episode just like I promised. I actually really liked this episode. It said such a great balance of comedy and emotion. When I first came up with this episode, it actually had nothing to do with the old love of Brock. It was simply Brock attending a Nurse Joy convention. After a while of thinking it over, I realized that that didn’t provide too much story opportunity, so I decided to add something. I actually combined it with another episode idea, which was about Brock meeting up with his first love. I just made that girl a Nurse Joy, and suddenly I have great story potential. In a way, you could say that this episode explains why Brock is so infatuated with Nurse Joy. One little joke I threw in was Brock not being attracted to the Nurse Joys of Unova and Kalos. I’ve always joked that those Nurse Joys must be impostors, so Brock would never love them.

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