Episode 25 Review

I actually created the Pokémon Dashilisk for the purpose of putting it on Ash’s team. Ash always has a Water-Type on his team. Often, that means the water starter, but that wouldn’t work here, since Brenda already has Kappaqua. I began thinking of what Water-Type I had already made would fit Ash. I quickly realized that I hadn’t made one that would. Most of my Water-Types were not amphibious, so it would be hard for Ash to use them. The ones I had that weren’t weren’t the best fit to Ash’s team. So I ended up thinking of things that needed to be made into a Pokémon and realized that basilisk lizard, one of the coolest, most wacky animals there are, had yet to be made into a Pokémon (technically, there is Helioisk, but it has nothing to do with running across water, so I decided to take another crack at it). In case you missed it in my previous post, I’ll say it again, Ash’s Dashilisk has a crest on its head, which means it is a male. Also, the two moves that the Dashilisk used were Scald and Dragon Claw.


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