Mega Wailord

That’s right, a new Mega Evolution is here, and it receives a dex entry as well.

Mega Wailord
Mega Wailord

Description: Mega Wailord has the ability to dive to the bottom of the deepest trenches in the ocean and can easily withstand their high pressures. Its strong metal exterior makes nearly impervious to certain attacks. Its Defense, Special Defense, and Attack are all boosted, but its Speed is lowered. Gaining the Steel-Typing, Mega Wailord can now use moves such as Heavy Slam to its full potential (especially because it becomes much heavier upon Mega Evolving), as well new Steel moves added to its level up move set, such as Iron Head, Gyro Ball, and Iron Tail.
Mega Stone: Wailordite
Type: Water/Steel
Mega Ability: Bulletproof

Trivia: The thing attached to Mega Wailord’s tail is an actual functioning propeller. That means that it can swim two ways, using its tail like normal, or using its propeller like a submarine.


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