This marks the first Pokédex entry I’ll be posting. In the future whenever a new image is added to the Tenno Pokédex page, I’ll post the Pokédex entry here, as well as some bonus trivia.


Classification: The Cannon Pokémon
Type: Water
Description: Krakannon’s cannon-like mouth grants it the ability to fire pulses of water at high velocities. Although Krakannon rarely grow to be larger than seven feet tall, legends speak of a giant Krakannon, at least ten times larger.
Evolves from Octillery by leveling up while knowing the move Aqua Cannon.

Trivia: The name Krakannon comes from the term Kraken plus cannon, relating it to the weapons theme of Octillery and Remoraid. The claws on the top of Krakannon’s main tentacles are used for grabbing hold of prey…or ships…

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