Episode Delta

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting news here, as I’m sure that most of you will have seen it elsewhere, but I had to share this:

Embedded image permalink corocoro

Just announced is the Episode Delta story of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Not much is known about this story at the time except that is based off of Rayquaza, but judging off of the rocket blasting off in the first picture, the scene in the second, and the screenshot of a BATTLE IN SPACE also on the second, it would seem that Pokémon is finally going to space, just like in my very own Pokémon Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions. I feel like Gamefreak is spying on me again (long story…). What is also interesting about this special plot is that it seems to involve Deoxys without the usage of an event, which is normally required for it and similar Pokémon. This has me more excited than ever for the release of these games.


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